Double Whammy

No, this is not our backyard. Not yet, anyway… It’s coming, however (if you believe the forecast). Two-five inches predicted later today and tonight with 50 mph winds coming tonight. Basically, your typical Iowa blizzard.

I’m ready.

Except… I feel sorry for the poor people who just got hit with the tornado, now to add insult to injury, they’ve got to try and clean up and find their remaining possessions in this? I hope for their sakes it isn’t as bad as the weather folk are predicting.

However, if you believe Andy… God hates Iowa. Naw… I can’t believe that one. I’m at work. For now. Hubby offered to take me to work this morning, then realized if I was stranded at work without a vehicle I couldn’t take off when I want to. I do have four-wheel-drive, so I’ll probably be here most of the day, but may try to leave before dark for a change. Just makes it a tad bit easier to see when the snow is flying…

Stay safe, all you midwesterners!