The Call of the Wild

Had an adventure this morning. Was out with the pups (at 3:45) and they were NOT wanting to come in. Cold, snowing, blowing… you name it… they love it. Finally, after 45 minutes Frieda was an ice cube – literally – and I put a towel around her, picked her up to bring her in. As I’m holding the door open for Frank to come in, Clio (the newest cat) runs OUT!! Oh, NO.

Now I’m chasing Frank chasing Clio. She goes under the front porch, so I get Frank inside and the pups put in their pen. Outside, I’m calling Clio and the pups hear me and start barking their fool heads off. I’m in slippers and p.j.’s, out in the snow calling “kitty -kitty”. She sticks her head out from under the porch, but won’t come out… then she takes off down the flower beds and down to the lower patio.

Me? Yes… I trudge along in the snow, still calling her. Then I lose the sound of her bell and can’t see her. I go inside and shush the pups and tell Hubby – now wide awake – what’s going on. He looks out and says Clio is standing out on the back porch looking in the window. I go to let her in the back door, and Hubby has already let her in the bedroom slider. Stinker.

Of course, I’m now wide awake and chilled to the bone. Went back to bed and didn’t make it to work until 9 o’clock! Arrrggghhh… good thing I don’t punch a timeclock!

Don’t these critters know it’s COLD outside. It’s SNOWING. It’s WINDY. It’s not fun? Okay, maybe for them, but certainly not for me!