End of the Month Panic

Can you believe this is the end of November? I sure can’t… I think this year I feel more dis-organized than I ever have. Is that possible? Is that one of the things that go along with CRS (can’t remember shit) and EITTS (everything I touch turns to shit)? Part of getting old? I used to be the most organized person you ever saw. Not anal, mind you, just organized. I could tell you within seconds exactly where something was that had come in the mail three weeks earlier. I could tell you where your favorite pair of sleeping shorts were or where you last left your shoes. (Okay, not YOU, maybe, but people in my household. Shaddup.)

Now? Now my brain is turning to mush. Some friends had given Hubby checks for minor car repair things back in September. The other day one of them finally mentioned to him that it hadn’t come through the bank yet. WTF? I never ever let something like that sit around – at least not for months! Sure enough. I found them tucked under the bank deposit book where I’d be sure not to forget about them.

I realize Christmas is just around the corner – as well as several family birthdays. Am I ready? Hell no. Do I even have ideas? I barely have a mind at the moment, let alone creativity. Oh, and for you who are wondering, NO I have not put up my Christmas decorations. I need a break from work to get caught up… and a wife.