Walkin’ In a Winter Wonderland

Yep. It’s like that.

We got 4-5″ of snow last night and I’m so tickeled I can barely see straight. Why? Several reasons. First, it means that as of this minutes my workload may decrease for the year. Yippee! It means the busy season has come to a screeching halt. I still have some work to finish, but the new stuff should stop until it either thaws and warms, or spring comes.

Second, I like snow. I’m weird, I admit it. Doesn’t mean I actually want to be out in it, mind you, it just means that when it snows and the world gets all clean looking and quiet and I am home in front of the fireplace with a pot of homemade stew in the crock pot, cookies baking in the oven, all my critters tucked in their various favorite ‘nesting’ places, and a good book in my hand… I’m literally in heaven.

I can see the birdfeeders outside my window – I have five different ones, plus a couple of suet feeders. The snow means the birds come flocking to the feeders and as of this morning I saw three bluejays, two male and one female cardinal, a dozen nuthatches, finches – both gold and house (they’re redish), my five different varieties of woodpeckers, and a random squirrel or two that wander through.

I showed Hubby some tracks south of the house that came out of the woods and came up to the downstairs patio, then wandered through the sleeping flowerbeds and back out. He said it looked to him like one “big-assed deer”. He does have the gift of language, doesn’t he?

Oh, I’ll get caught up on my laundry today and probably start dragging out the Christmas decorations, but for the most part… I’m just gonna sit and enjoy the moment.