In Search of…. Sleep

It must be that time of year. The nights of going to sleep… exhausted… only to wake up sometime between midnight and two a.m. and start the tossing and turning. Some nights I just make myself lay there and pet the cat who has inevitably realized I’m awake the minute my eyes pop open and climbed on top of me to “make me soft”… what one friend calls “making biscuits”. Other nights I try and be semi-productive. Hard to do when you are trying to be quiet and not wake up the rest of the household critters (i.e. puppies and Hubby).

More often than not, I slip downstairs to the warmth of the fireplace, the cozy blanket I’ve wrapped around me, and the book or blog in hand.

I also have a sneaking suspicion that I may be starting ‘the change’. Du-du-DUM! Yeah. I’ve started the every-so-lovely hot flashes I’ve heard so much about and it’s not pleasant. I swear, I go to bed freezing and wake up sweating my ass off. Over and over. I have a doctor appointment next week, so we’ll be running that one by them, too.

I’ve been a bad blogger – again. The snow didn’t do what it was supposed to and work has been a zoo, not to mention Christmas, year-end-farm stuff, a few birthdays thrown in, parties and get-togethers galore (and we all know how much I love those… not!) I’m ready for February.