I should have stayed home. Seriously. It’s snowing and you can’t see a damn thing. I almost drove off our very own driveway this morning!

I’m trying to finish up some stuff before I take off for a couple of days. Of course, I’ve been trying to take off for a couple of days already, but the work is still coming, so I’m still working. (Did that make sense?)

This is my favorite, and most dreaded time of the year. I love Christmas time… especially when we get snow. Just doesn’t even seem like Christmas without it. Well, this year we’re pretty much sure to have it. We’ve got about 8″ on the ground, plus another couple coming today and it’s been below zero for temps, so there isn’t any thawing going on.

I just get over-stressed. We have birthdays, holiday parties, work is still happening, and it’s year-end tax stuff to organize for the farm. There is cleaning and laundry and dishes and cooking and all the ‘usual’ stresses besides.

I need to get things done before our appointment with our tax man next Tuesday. This is a dreaded job. Especially when I haven’t been keeping up with my bookwork as well as usual. Why? I don’t know. I’ve got a mental block against it this year. It has to be done, however… no two ways about it.

I haven’t even started Christmas shopping. This can’t be good.

Is it any wonder I’m not sleeping? Thanks everyone for your well wishes… I’m sure it will be fine. Keep the good thoughts and I’ll catch up with you all when I can. Obviously, I’m behind again.

Now I hope I can find my way home.