You’re Getting Sleepy…

I wasn’t wrong. It did end up being a long night… I was up until 4:45 a.m., went to bed and set the alarm for 7:00 and started all over working until noon. (Our appointment was at 1 o’clock). I got it done, tho’!

Don’t know how I managed to get up and get going again, but I did… our meeting went very well. He’s not even charging us his annual fee since he figures he didn’t do anything this last year, so we’re getting a free year of service! I think, after the initial confusion, that this is going to be a lifesaver this time of year. If it all works out how it should, my winters will once again be fun. Not entirely stress-free, but a huge load will be lifted. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wondered how my father, a life-long accountant, could not have passed those math genes on to me. How much simpler my life would be if it all made sense!

Bless my husband. He is the one who got this all set up for me. He knows how I stress. He knows how I fret and worry and how my perfectionism (and fear of the IRS) keeps me worrying about this stuff all winter. In February, things settle out a bit and all the year-end stuff is put to bed and I get to actually relax. This may not make winter totally stress free, as there will still be my job and the regular bill-paying, household chores, and critters… not to mention the birthdays and holidays, but at least this math shit won’t be hanging over my head. Keep your fingers crossed it all works the way it should… we’ll know in a few short months whether it’s going to or not. I have confidence it will, tho’. This guy has been our accountant for years and he’s a good guy. It was just some mis-communication this year that caused the problems, I’m sure.

I’m gonna take a nap.