The Countdown Begins

I’m just about ready to get serious about Christmas. Today is my last “official” day of work (until after Christmas). I have to pop in on Monday morning for about an hour, but I’m not even counting that. I figure that’s just going to be a motivation to put on clothes, my face, and be presentable enough to go hit the stores afterwards… otherwise, I could become jammie-bound. (Some of you understand this.)

Tomorrow night we have an open house to attend. As much as I’m not a party person, these people have been very good friends to us, especially Hubby, over the past years so it won’t be too bad. I’ll tough it out. I’m starting to psych myself up now – by tomorrow night I should be okay.

Tonight or tomorrow I have to address the 300+ cards that our office is sending out, but that’s not going to be too bad – I get to do that at home and I’m paid for doing it, so it’s not that big of a deal. I have my own cards to get out (thank you everyone who has been sending me addresses… they’ll be coming, promise!) and ten dozen cookies to bake for a Christmas Cookies exchange party next week. I don’t normally do parties of any kind, but it’s a co-workers’ wife and they swore there would be no silly games and lots of munchies… and adult beverages! Woot!

Sunday we’re going to my parents’ house for my birthday. I haven’t seen their decorations yet – haven’t been to their house since we got into the field, so it’s been awhile. Looking forward to a good dinner (my parents are excellent cooks) and a relaxing visit.

Monday night we’re going to Red Lobster for our oldest daughter’s birthday. I love seafood and we don’t go there often enough, either. Her birthday isn’t until Tuesday, but that was what worked out the best. Unfortunately, her littlest brother won’t be back from Colorado by then, and Em won’t be up from K.C., but her Hubby, little boy, younger brother and his girlfriend and Hubby and myself will be there. Should be a good time.

Sometime in all of this I need to get my shopping and wrapping done, figure out what I need to get for groceries as we’re having everyone here for Christmas dinner, and do some last-minute cleaning.

I’ve got the Christmas tunes going… and it keeps on snowing! I should definately be getting in the mood any minute now…