More “Practice”

So… the two weeks are up and I had my doctor appointment today. First, the jaw pain is gone but the ears still have fluid. Refill that perscription. Yes, I got scolded about the diabetes. I’ll try to do better in the new year. Honest. All my tests came back good but that one and it was high. Go figure. I could have told her that.

After a cursory exam, she decides my elbow-arm-shoulder pain is tendonitis. Ice the elbow and take Advil or Aleve. Wow. She couldn’t tell me that one two weeks ago? Hmmm… I will say she was nicer this visit and more chatty and much more approachable. Maybe last time she was just grouchy.

The bowel problems are now being medicated. IBS, or irritable bowl syndrome is what she’s guessing it is. We’ll try this for awhile and see where it leads.

I had the mammogram this afternoon. I must say, I thank God that I have something there for that machine to squish, ’cause I sure as hell don’t know how women who don’t survive. It’s not fun, but it’s not horrid either, but then I have enough to get in that damn contraption. What a deal. Wonder who thought up this device, anyway? At any rate, she is thinking estrogen patches, but still won’t start that until the end of January when I have to come back for a complete physical. Ka-ching! Yep… another visit. At that time she’ll decide based on the mammogram if it looks safe for me to start. Guess another month of night sweats and hot flashes won’t kill me. (For all you men out there, think… putting your testicles in a vice and squishing them flat as they’ll go, then being told “don’t breathe”. Yeah. It’s like that.)

That’s about it. We return to our regularly scheduled rants.