Workplace Hijinks

Where I work we have guys who run large equipment and drive trucks. This means the home office is very interested in any tickets you may get while operating a motor vehicle. Any motor vehicle. So, when you get a speeding ticket or some other type of ticket, they have a form you must fill out and submit to the home office.

This morning when I got to work the three office guys were standing in the outer office looking at a piece of paper and laughing. One of them handed it to me and asked if I could see anything wrong with it…

It had the guys’ name. John Doe (names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent)
What the ticket was for: speeding, going 65 in a 55 zone
Where the ticket was received: blah blah blah
Why did you get the ticket: Because I was master-baiting and got carried away
The rest of the ticket is insignificant.

You have to know, the guy is a little bit uneducated, so the misspelling was logical.

The manager at my office had looked at the original sheet and it did NOT have that line on it… but when he went to fax it to the home office, he just picked up the photocopied version that was laying on top and sent it. Yes, the photocopied version had that line added – by one of the other smartasses in our office.

The vice president of the company called. Immediatly. Talked to our manager. Asked if he’d read this before he sent it. Yes, he replied. Did you read the whole thing? VP asked. Yes, he replied. Did you read the line where it asks why you got the ticket? Manager said, yes, it’s blank… VP says, not on my copy…

Now we’re waiting to see if the president calls. This may be a test of their sense of humor.
Needless to say, those of us here found it hilarious. But then, we do have rather warped senses of humor….

The Weekend of Unbelievable Laziness

Not quite jammie days… but close, very close. After playing around programming our exotic remote for our new TV on Friday, I did very little. That’s hard work, you know! Saturday morning I was up bright and early because the satellite guy was coming to change out our unit for an HDTV unit. Amazement was mine as he appeared on my doorstep at 8:30 a.m. Normally, when they say they’ll come between 8 and 12, you will see them at 1 or 2. He was very nice and got me all hooked up in less than an hour.

Off to the grocery store and library, then home to put said items away and let my pups run, I packed my bags (laptop) and headed to Manda’s house for another full afternoon and evening of WoW. I admit it. I’m hooked. Badly. This is not funny… I don’t usually even play games. Ugh. I’m hoping at some point I get tired of it and get my life back.

Yesterday was veggin’ with the Hubby, WoW, and the big-tv. Almost nothin’ better to do on a gray, cold, gloomy Sunday. The rain was spitting, turning to snowflakes, and back to rain… we had the fireplace going, the big TV on, munchies, cold beverages, the cats to cuddle, and I played WoW on my laptop while keeping one eye on what Hubs was watching and visiting with him. Was a great, relaxing day. Oh, of course I had some laundry to do all day, but that was no biggie… and I felt as though I accomplished something at least.

Good thing I can’t play WoW at work! Then I’d never get caught up on my blogging… (you didn’t hear that!)

In The Land of the Giants

We are now in the land of the giants. Hubby got his wish last night (not THAT wish… get your mind out of the gutter, people). Since we built this new house he’s been wanting a big screen TV for the family room. He didn’t whine or snivel… not once. Honest. He would just occasionally mention how nice it would be to have and maybe someday we could have one. Well, that day has come. As of last evening we are now the proud owners of a 52″ Toshiba HDTV unit. To be delivered tomorrow. To then be painstakingly wired to several pieces of audio and video equipment. To then be watched endlessly for the next 20 years …

He deserves this. He does. He works very hard 6 days a week, sometimes 7. He is up before 5 a.m. usually, and doesn’t get home until after 6 p.m. – unless he’s in the field at which time he may not get home until after 10 p.m.. He’s a solid guy. He’s a good family man. A good husband. He doesn’t hang out at the bars, or chase women, or gamble (okay, farming itself is gambling but we won’t go into that) and his main weakness is putting money and time into our youngest kids’ stock car. He occasionally goes to one of his friends’ shop and sits and has a couple of beers after work or maybe spends Sunday afternoon riding 4-wheeled vehicles in another buddys’ timber. We don’t go on vacation… for various reasons, mainly being we like it at home and we have too many critters that would have their lives disrupted if we were gone.

So? He has a nice truck. Good equipment. Good computers. Expensive internet. A subscription to WoW. All the movie channels you can get and then some. Nice stereo equipment…. and now? Now we have a big-fucking-screen TV. This is our vacation, people. We’re packing our bags.

It’s a Long Way Back up the Hill… or Yo-Yo Woman

The road to recovery has been a long uphill climb, and, as the title says, there are days I feel like a yo-yo! I just think I’m feeling better and along comes mr. migraine. (Yes, it’s a man…no woman would make me hurt like this!) Yesterday was a lost cause. Once again I was flat on my back (relatively speaking) and out for the count. Today I’m back on my feet (or rather my butt) working. Will I be this way tomorrow? Only time will tell… but I sure hope so. Anyone but me get sick of being sick? Yeah… it’s one thing to be off work, but when you feel yucky you really aren’t interested in anything it really is just lost time. I don’t have time to lose. Too much to do!

Thank you all for your warm thoughts and wishes. I’ve missed you guys!!! I can’t wait until I get some time to catch up on all of you and see what I’ve managed to miss in your lives. I hope you didn’t do anything TOO exciting while I was laid up! No babies birthed… no houses completed… no major traumas…

For those of you who want to suggest reading materials… Let me just say this: We have an excellent library. They are very good about getting in new material and have a great system of holds and/or being able to “rent” the newest books for $2. I have no complaints about my library. Despite my Hubby telling me they’re going to run out of books. My problem is I read too damn fast. If I’m not interrupted, I can read a book a day – sometimes two. This causes problems when I’m sick and I’ve only checked out 10 books and my bookshelf is full, but it is full of books I’ve read. I want them to re-read someday, but I have to wait about 10 years until I can’t remember the plots, otherwise I start to read and it all comes back to me. I usually only read mystery, some horror (i.e. Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Jeffrey Deaver) and a few fiction books that have some intrigue that should probably be classified mystery, but for some reason aren’t. I’m not into sci-fi (I love Sci-Fi movies and shows, like Firefly, but can’t read sci-fi… it’s a missing link thing). I am soooo not into romance. I’m sorry, dress it up like a mystery and it’s STILL a fucking romance. I can tell. It isn’t that I’m not romantic… no, I like sex like the best of ’em… I just don’t need the drama of it all. I apologize in advance to my friend who is a published romance novelist.

Soooo… if you have any suggestions that meet my criteria, feel free to tell me who the author is and I’ll track ’em down. If I find authors I like, I try to read everything by them, and read them in chronological order. Most authors have a main character that they will build on and it’s more fun to me to start at the beginning and see what they’ve got. You can either post your suggestions in the comments or e-mail me.

That’s it for now. Thanks for stopping by and checking on me… I hope to be stopping by “your places” soon!

Things To Do in Iowa in the Wintertime When You’re Sick

Ah, yes… I am in the land of the living! Barely… Will take me some time to catch back up with everyone, and I apologize for being bad in advance. In the meantime, I think you’ll find the following observations to be fairly self-explainitory:

  • Know that Charmin Ultra beats anything else … uh… butts down.
  • Be sure to have lots of paper products in the house for every orafice.
  • If you want to lose 10 IQ points over the period of a week, watch any daytime TV (sorry, soap fans)
  • There is no substitute for a pile of cats – preferrably purring
  • If you sleep all day you will be up all night
  • Full moons still suck
  • Weird dreams get even weirder and involve family members, WoW characters, and blog friends – not necessarily in the same dream
  • Anything you eat will probably be attacking within 30 minutes.
  • When you think it can’t get worse, it will
  • When you think you’re getting better, you aren’t.
  • When you go to work thinking you’re cured, you will relapse.
  • Being stuck in WoW when your family “tech support and stupid question team” are working is frustrating.
  • Not being able to cuddle or kiss the spouse because you’re afraid of contaminating him is the worst.
  • When you start reading romance novels, you know you’re out of books.
  • Running out of books will make you certifiably insane.
  • Going for four days without showering and having Hubby not mention it once: Priceless.

I’m sure I’ll think of more… for now, it’s just nice to be able to smile.


Just checking in. I’m here, I’m alive, just blechy… hoping it won’t last more than the two days it’s lasted already.

Thanks everyone for de-lurking! It’s nice to know you’re out there… even if most of you are known to me anyway. You guys are the best!

Back soon, I hope…

Once More…

I’m going to remind you that it’s de-lurker week! I’m gonna post this on top for the rest of the week to (hopefully) prompt you to say “hi” and let me know who you are! So far, the only de-lurkers who have signed on are NOT lurkers! LOL! I can tell by my counter that there are more of you that are not taking credit for visiting, so please… pretty please… pretty please with sugar on top… pump up a gals’ ego and let me know you’re there!

For Christopher

my heart breaks
i see the pain in your eyes
the emptiness of tears unshed
bottomless sorrow of loss
i hold you but cannot touch
your grief
gone too soon from this world
your companion, your friend
your brother
life just beginning
with love
with child
taken in moments too quick
to discerne
leaving behind the questions
the rage
the tears
the memories.