Missing: 4′ 7″

woman. Yeah. Remember the other day when I said she was p.o.’d because Hubs didn’t have room in the truck to take her to the races? Well, she’s been “difficult” ever since. Logistics note: Hubs’ shop is located at MIL’s house. She has windows that look out on the shop. Generally, she is sitting in the kitchen at the island where she can see out the window and “shoot out of the blocks” the minute someone pulls in down at the shop building. We have threatened to time her, but never have. Even in the wintertime, it doesn’t take her long enough to get on her coat and boots and leave the house – we’re just sure she’s sitting there, ready and waiting for the next victim visitor to arrive.

So, last night Hubs asked son Jon if he’d seen grandma. Jon said, nope… she hadn’t been down. Hubs went up to the house. Dark. No car. No MIL. Hmmm… He tried to call her house phone later. No answer. He tried again this morning. No answer. This is odd. He called her cell phone. Finally she answered.

Hubs: Where are you?
MIL: I went to (brother-in-law)’s house to stay with (one of The Boys)
Hubs: Why didn’t you tell me where you went?

He proceeded to chew her out. She expects to know every single minute of our lives, where, who, what, when, etc., but doesn’t feel the need to share the same with us? The old double standard. Gotta love it.

Oh, and she hasn’t found out about the races next week. Don’t you dare tell.