The Full Moon Must be Upon Us

Why? Because there are too many unexplainable events right now.

  1. Hubs gets home from work last night and his garage door opener won’t work. Worked fine in the morning, won’t work at all now. I tell him to use mine this morning, figuring his needs new batteries. Mine won’t work either. The button on the wall works fine. I go flick the breaker a couple of times. Doesn’t make a difference. The repairman has been called.
  2. The satellite TV remote control for the livingroom stopped working. We have three ‘boxes’ and three remotes. Two of them are actually in one ‘box’, but they have two remotes and run two different channels, 3 and 30. Our house is wired so that you can watch any satellite in any room that you want, you just have to watch what the person with the remote is watching – unless you swipe the remote. Mostly I keep the one for channell 30 in the master bedroom, and the one for channel 3 is mainly used in the upstairs living room. That’s the one that isn’t working. However, you can use the other remote in there, so it’s not the system itself, it apparently is the remote. I got it to work some this morning, but it’s not getting much of a signal so it’s going to be a problem. For me. I re-programmed all Hubs’ favorites into the channel 30 remote so now he’s set. Am I a good wife or what?
  3. At 4 a.m. the smoke detector alarm went off. Not for long, only about 5 seconds. Just long enough to wake me from a sound sleep and scare the shit out of me. If you recall we had this happen once before. Only that time it took me through the whole smoke detector life cycle to figure out what was happening with this nocturnal screeching. I am much smarter now. I will be buying new batteries and replacing them before the next ‘warning’ bell sounds. I just wonder why this manufacturer decided having it blare at you in the middle of the night was much better than a simple, quiet, yet annoying beep that most smoke detectors have when the batteries are getting low?
  4. It couldn’t be avoided. Although the words have not been spoken out loud, in fear of the panic it will create, I have been informed that we will not be able to get out of having my mother-in-law go with us this week. Somewhere I hope God is writing this down in His little black book to use on the “plus” side when I show up at the pearly gates. Oh, and alcohol. There will be lots of alcohol. Diabetes be damned, I’m not surviving this week without it.
  5. Last, but not least, I’m a little under the weather today. No clue why, unless it was that damn alarm literally scaring my body out of it’s normal patterns. I’ll be taking it easy today and saving up for tomorrow’s onslaught of RV cleaning and packing.

Have a good Monday. I’ll be over here forming my little hat out of tinfoil to keep out the moon…