A Little Piece of Wonderland

We’re back. I’ll get into some of these in more detail later (much to your delight and amusement, I’m sure…). For now, these are the highlights.

  • Jon qualified on the last night for the last slot to be in the main race with his stock car. He came in 16th in the main race. Still, he got $1,000 to qualify for the main race, so that’s pretty darn good.
  • Saturday night Jon raced the modified. He won! I watched…
  • I fell on the RV stairs (the second day) and twisted my ankle. Par for the course. No alcohol was involved…
  • While we were gone, it rained at home. A lot. It also stormed. Badly. We found when we got home there is a hole in our roof the size of a basketball. Evidently, we were struck by lightening! It woke up Emily who was in the far corner of the house, but she didn’t realize what had happened. There was water leaking in through the ceiling of my shower that we tracked to the roof. Thank goodness it didn’t start a fire!
  • MIL is alive, no thanks to her.

Details will trickle out as I find the energy. It’s good to be home so we can REST!