Odds and Ends

I gotta come up with a better name for these snippets. Open to suggestions! I know, we could have a contest… the winner gets… okay, nevermind.

  • I should have posted earlier that my ankle is just fine. I wrapped it up in Ace bandages (not the Wile E. Coyote brand) that my lovely DIL2B brought me (the nurse) and after a couple of days it was just ducky.
  • The roof was fixed in record time. It only took one guy one afternoon and he did it before the last round of rains came. Yes, it’s covered by insurance. So far, we can’t find anything else wrong. Amazing, no fire! We can find no problems with anything electrical. The ceiling of the shower will need to be painted with a stain killer and paint, but it appears the drywall is just fine. Now, who wants to go up into the crawlspace and fluff the insulation? Not me…
  • Eldest son is starting a new job on the 28th in the “big city” closeby. Will be a great opportunity for him to use his degree and he’ll have less driving time. Bonus: his office building is right next door to his girlfriends’ office building. Congrats, Honey!
  • Eldest daughter is starting a new job on the 5th! She just accepted today! YES! She can finally escape from her “BL” (boss lady) who drives her nuts. Moving to a small office where at the moment she’ll be the only woman (welcome to MY world!). Have I mentioned I really do like working with men better… sorry, ladies. A lot less cattiness going on… At any rate, the company is small and they tell her they are pretty laid back, but it sounds like a great opportunity for her to blossom. Congrats to you, too, Sweetie!
  • The new guy at work starts Monday. I’m not sure what to expect. It’s going to be hard to replace Chris. Okay, it won’t be a replacement. It will be different. Hope he works out okay… I would hate to have to build that wall between our desks. (In-office joke. I’ve threatened that if I don’t like the person I have to share my office space with I’m going to make my own “cubicle” out of whatever is handy.) He is huge! He has to be 6’7″ at least, and giant. Looks like a football player. Or an enforcer.
  • A friend of mine (from WoW) has joined the blogworld. I’ll give you his address when he posts something. So far, he’s just come up with the site. He’s really worrying about how he’s going to present himself. I keep telling him he worries too much. He’s a terrific writer and very intelligent and has cats! What can go wrong with cats?!? Will pass the site link along when he’s ready… (btw, he’s the one who did the shoelace poster.)
  • Just found out a friend is expecting a baby the first week in January. I tease him it might be the New Years’ baby! They know it’s a boy, and because his wife is 35, they’ve done some doppler ultra-sound and everything looks fine. He said he could even see the baby blink it’s eyelids! My gosh! The technology just blows me away. When I had my last ultra sound you could barely make out it had a head or fingers!
  • I am hoping this weekend brings some much-needed self-positive reinforcement. I need to get the house cleaned, laundry caught up, print some reports for the tax-man to deliver on Monday, possibly work on my craft room and/or office, as well as some current crafting and WoW-ing. (I swear, I’m suffering from withdrawal!) I always feel better when I get some things accomplished. Don’t you? Then again, deep in my heart I crave a jammie day