Monday Mutterings

As promised, here is my friend Michael’s blog site. Unfortunately, it’s on MSN, so you have to log into their system to comment, but if you just want to read all his good stuff go on over to Recipes for Life. He used to be a chef, and has lots of good recipes, as well as some great writing and cute kitty pics.

Saturday wasn’t the best night for racing. Jon made it two laps in the heat race and … wait for it… blew up his motor. Yup. Again. The good news is, he’s found a buyer for his stock car and is now, officially, going to be getting his own modified. Will be nice to see him go ’round and ’round with his own colors and number.

The mornings are actually cool now… can fall be far? The fields are starting to turn and it won’t be too long and the combines will be in them and life will get even more hectic.

The new guy at work started. He said a whole four words to me today. I didn’t realize I was so scary. He left early. He better enjoy – he won’t get that opportunity very often.