Back in August I posted about the farm situation and it was in the tone of frustration. I was so tired of fighting the high fuel prices, higher fertilizer and chemical prices, and horribly low grain prices. I was depressed and fearing that our beautiful “dream house” was going to turn out to be just that … a temporary dream that we’d wake up from as we had to sell. Worry and fear made me angry. Angry that this was going on and on and on, year after year, and no end in sight.

Through it all, I tried to keep my “core” of positive thinking. I’ve never been “suzy sunshine” and wouldn’t want to be. I need to be realistic. But in that realism, I tried to tell Hubs that it had to change. I know that the world needs the commodities the farmers provide. That eventually the “powers that be” would have to realize this and the world would turn a little and things would even out a bit.

They have. At long last.

Since August the fuel prices have come down. The grain prices have gone up. The harvest was not as productive as the Chicago boys* thought. That makes for a shortage of grain. The demand is still strong. That makes the prices go up. The prices are still going up… and are projected to continue, possibly into the $4 range. That, my friends, along with a good grain harvest, is pretty close to the equivalent of winning the lottery in my world. (However, not the kind of lottery where you quit your job and run off to the Carribean.) Rumor has it the prices may even stay high for a year or two. That would be amazing.

This is not to say this has just become a stress-free job. It doesn’t mean I’ll stop being tired most days, or crabby some days… It just means we are going to get to keep this beautiful house. Keep the life we’ve grown to love. Keep on keeping on. We’ve been given the shot in the arm we always knew was a possibility, we just never knew when or how it would come. In the interest of full disclosure, I wanted to share the good as well as the bad.

*Chicago Board of Trade