A Few One of My Favorite Things

I’d mentioned a couple of posts ago that one of my favorite things was cherry pie. I don’t know when exactly it became my favorite, but suspect it started when I was five-years-old and we lived in a house with a large cherry tree. I remember snitching cherries and eating them straight off the tree, much to my mothers’ horror. As a child I didn’t think about the birds that may have been sitting in that tree… you get the picture.

Whenever we go to our favorite local restaurant, which is home-cooking at it’s finest, I look at the board where they’ve written the days’ specialties as well as the desserts that are available. Knowing that if I wait until after I’ve actually eaten my dinner before ordering dessert, occasionally I have been beaten to the most-treasured last piece of cherry pie. So if I see it there on the board, I must stake my claim to it right up front.

Last night after a long day of work and an even longer evening of fighting the crowds in town, I returned home to find a message on my answering machine. It was a local bakery – a very yummy local bakery – respected enough that it was used for the last wedding cake in our family. I was just sure the woman must have the wrong phone number, since I was anticipating nothing to be ready for the holidays. I generally bake my own cookies and other goodies. Too late to return the call, I waited for them to open this morning.

I made the call only to find out I was the correct person! She had a delivery for me… We discussed the fact that I work in the country, and live in the country, and decided it would be best if I went to her and picked up my “goodie”. She checked, and admitted she didn’t even have it baked yet as she didn’t know when she’d get in touch with me and she wanted to be sure it was fresh. It’s been agreed that I’ll be picking it up on Monday. Curiosity got the best of me… “can I ask what it is?”

You guessed it. Cherry pie. My favorite.

From? This guy. Can you believe it? I know I couldn’t! She said, “He wanted it to be a surprise”… my response? Trust me, it IS!!!” Isn’t this one of the sweetest things you’ve ever heard of? Thank you so much, Michael…

Tell me of a time when you’ve been totally surprised by an unexpected gift.