Take It How You Will or Urgent Request!

This isn’t exactly true. It’s just how I feel right now. Sloppy and weird. You who have your minds in the gutter can leave now…

I am usually extremely organized. I may have piles here and there, but I know what’s in those piles and can generally put my hands on most whatever it is I need at a moment’s notice. So, is it age or am I just going crazy? (Maybe we won’t think about that one too long, either.)

Last year I had a list of all my blog-land friends addresses and for most of the year I knew exactly where it was. I kept seeing it. First here, then there, then here again. I kept moving it from place to place, always aware of exactly where it was being put, as Christmas was only… a few months away. *cough*

Yeah. You are getting the idea. Do you think I can find this list, now, when I actually want to use it?

So… if you like me… or maybe just feel sorry for me… and you got a card from me last year or would like to get a card from me this year… could you please e-mail me your address again? (sesnyde at hughes dot net) I really do value your friendship and I didn’t mean to lose you… honest.