Happy Birthday to You, Dear Michael…

You can sing. You know the tune. This is someone I met first through WoW, then through blogland. He's the "pie man"! Not a mean bone in his body…

Go on over and wish him a Happy Birthday (if you can) – actually, he's on that "MSN" thing, and I think you have to create a site to comment. At least, I did way back when he started it. If you want, you can just tell him here – I'll make sure he checks in. 

What a Difference a Few Hours Make

Snow Tablesnow deck tree 

This is the table in the earlier photo. As you can see, we got a little snow – and this was before the snow was done! I heard they thought we officially got 10", but we got at least a foot. Look at the grill and tell me that is 10". Nope. Not in my book. I don't know if you can tell in the last photo, but it is a picture of our deck that sticks out the back over the creek. Our daughter says it looks like a boat dock without the lake. Or the boat. At any rate, if you look closely, you can see the umbrella sticking up that's on the table on the end of the deck. Next to it, and slightly up, you can see where the tree broke off and fell onto our deck. Yes, that mess is the tree. Laying on the deck. We don't think it did any damage, but guess we won't know until the snow, ice, and tree are gone. As you can see, the sun is shining brightly at the moment.

Today because of the sun it's been melting like crazy, big chunks of ice and snow crashing down off the roof making the dogs go nuts barking and carrying on. They haven't got any idea what all the noise is, but it isn't supposed to be there.

We were lucky and although had a few blips, we didn't lose power – we think due to the fact they put up new power lines along our road about a year ago and we're only half a mile from a substation. The neighbors to the south lost it as well as our son who lives about 2 miles northeast. His came back, but not in full and the furnace was damaged by the power outage somehow. They're getting it repaired today, but still only have half power. We tried to get them to come stay with us, but they're stubborn and are home with their critters.

I can't blame them. I remember the only time we ever left home was when the kids were really small and there was a terrible ice storm and our power went out for a couple of days. We went to stay with my in-laws who had a generator. It was a hassle, but at the time was nice. I think if we'd not had the kids we probably would have toughed it out, though. Just that anti-social tendency, I guess.

Although we didn't lose power we did lose the internet. Because we have satellite internet, it's hit-or-miss when the weather gets bad. We were lucky it didn't go out right away. I think it took the snow getting in just the right place to stop it… and then it had to melt off before we got it back. Lucky for Hubs, the satellite TV didn't go out, too!

Did I mention the forecasters are saying it could do this again? Yup. As early as Thursday.

 tree ice

We’re Somewhere in the Middle of it All

storm garden This is a picture of my metal garden ornament at about 2 p.m. cst. You can see the ice hanging off of it, as well as some iced up branches on the branches around it. The second pic is the metal table on the back patio. Can you see the lovely icicles? It is still raining and freezing.

Sorry for the blurry spots on the picture. I took it through the window as the screens on the sliders were frozen shut!

I think they're talking the snow starting later tonight. Now they say we're in the 4-8" range. Do they really know? I don't think so. We'll see what we end up with.

I let the pups out this morning and they all fell on their faces just jumping the one little step up onto the porch. Yes, it's slick. No, I'm not leaving the house. So far, (obviously) we've not lost power or i-net. (Keeping fingers crossed…).Storm Table

Button Down the Hatches *Updated*

I just heard the weather forecast for the weekend. Now they are saying rain, then turning into about a 1/2" of ice, then 6+ inches of snow and high winds. Exact quote was "blizzard conditions". I'm not real excited by the prospect of losing power… the power company says their lines are designed to hold up to 1/2" ice with 40 mph winds. Let's all keep our fingers crossed we keep the power and everyone who had to be anywhere gets to and from safely. Me? I'm going out to run errands tomorrow – yes, I'll be one of those people hitting the grocery store to take every last gallon of milk off the shelf – then pop into work for a minute or two to make sure they remember me. After that I plan on hunkering down at home in front of the fireplace with the bread baking and the chili cooking…

I'm such a creature of habit! 

UPDATE: Hubs just heard they are now predicting up to a FOOT of snow here… Holy Cow!

Lighter Topics

  • Why do you always cough and sneeze more at night than in the daytime?
  • Why do you have more weird dreams when you are sick than when you are healthy?
  • Yes, you genius you… You figured it out. I'm sick. Had a dream last night that Hubs was trying to kill me. I was in on it. We were trying to make it not appear to be suicide so he'd get the insurance money. I was fine with it. Suppose I've been watching too much "Crimes that Shook the World"…? No, I'm not suicidal and yes, Hubs loves me. It was just a dream, people…
  • What foul language is the dog saying when it barks at the squirrel sitting on the other side of the sliding glass door? The squirrel doesn't seem to care. Maybe it doesn't understand "dog".
  • It has been in the upper 40's and low 50's this week. Incredible. The creek has thawed and is flowing once again. The grass is starting to show in big patches in the yard. The seven foot pile of snow created by Hubs plowing the drive is down to about four feet. The dogs are no longer rushing out and rushing in, but want to stay outside and investigate all the newly revealed ground… however, they still want to pee on the snow. Go figure.
  • Spring is not yet here. We're under winter storm watches already for the weekend. Thunderstorms on Saturday, changing to freezing rain, then to snow on Sunday with 50+ mph winds.
  • Thank you for all the kind words on the last post. I can only repeat… at least he's not MY brother. Sorry Hubs.

Happy Thursday.

Giving Myself Time Never Got Me Any Closer to Being Calm

You know the old thing about you should never write a response to someone in anger? It is always said you'll regret the things you say in the heat of the moment. Me? I've never actually found that giving myself more time before responding made me any less angry. If anything, I'm have just enough Irish blood in me that I tend to carry that grudge out a bit… oh, say, several eons. This could be one of those times.

It is also said you can pick your friends, but not your family. I find it is really nice when you can have family that are your friends. Hubs and I have been very lucky in that our children all (at least to this point in life) seem to not only love each other, but actually like each other. That's a huge blessing. Myself, I am an only child and the older I get the more I think there was a reason that had to be. I've talked before about my husbands' brother and sister and their families and how f*%ked up they are. Yeah. Well… here we go again.

When my father-in-law passed away several years ago, my husband took over the farming operation and took sole responsibility for that business which he and his dad had been part of their whole lives. One of the things that happened at that time, was all the farm equipment was appraised by an independent appraiser and all the machinery and equipment my husband had helped his father pay for once he was paying for again. Fair market value was placed on all the equipment and machinery, and a fair amount of interest was agreed on and my husband makes payments to his mother. A lot of the equipment was older, and over the years since he's taken over the farm, many pieces have had to be replaced. Still and all, the loan is in place and is being repaid on time. My husband also had a side-line job in the off season where he would do repair work on pickups, big trucks, some tractors, cars, etc. To that end, he put a lot of money into good tools, a hoist, and a large supply of parts and equipment. All of which was kept in his father's large morton building, aka the shop. We do not pay rent, per se, for this building, but we pay all of the utilities not only for the building, but for my mother-in-law's large home, as well as carrying the insurance on the building and contents.

Shortly after my father-in-law passed away, my husband locked up his toolbox and the shop to keep people like his brother from just going over and helping themselves to everything that wasn't nailed down. My MIL had a hissy fit when BIL went whining to her, and my husband was guilt-ed into unlocking everything again. BIL thinks nothing of breezing in, putting his rig on the hoist (without prior permission), using whatever tools and supplies are within reach, then backing into the open area of the shop and washing his vehicle. Nevermind it's us paying for the electricity, the heat, the soap, the bolts, nuts, tools, grease, oil, whatever else he's decided to use! This shit isn't free people!

Now we come to the current issue. As part of the equipment and machinery purchased from MIL a 30-year old pickup was on the list. It was my FIL's and though had been a great truck at one time, had been used. A lot. Hubs used it for a work truck for a number of years, and finally decided it wasn't reliable enough for that and put a snow plow blade on it and used it mainly in the winter for that purpose. This winter, a few weeks ago, the transmission went out. Deciding it wasn't worth the money and hassle to fix, Hubs was going to sell it. I mentioned to him that when his dad died his brother had expressed an interest in the truck and maybe he should give him first dibs on it. (In hindsight, I wish someone would have duct-taped my mouth shut.) He asked. BIL said he didn't know. How much did Hubs think it would cost to fix? Hubs didn't know. He just wanted it gone. BIL hemmed and hawed and never said anything more about it. Two weeks go by and Hubs has seen BIL in the mean time, and not one word is said about the truck. Hubs talks to a friend who might be interested. Yes, he was. He would buy it for $1500. He was out of town, and would get in touch when he returned in a couple of weeks.

Another week goes by and BIL brings up the truck. Hubs tells him it's sold. The shit hits the fan. Big-time. BIL tries to tell Hubs that he wanted it. Uh huh. Whatever. Hubs asks him if he really knows what's involved with fixing something like this… BIL has the nerve to say, "it won't be that big of a deal, I have a hoist and a transmission puller"… excuse me? WHO has the hoist and the transmission puller? Hubs blew a gasket. At the end of what will now be known as "the big blowup", neither of them were talking to each other. End of subject, right? Oh, so wrong.

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Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Be patient as I get used to the new "home". There is lots of work still to do… I have some things to unpack and I'm not sure where to put them or where they will look good, so it may take a bit to make this really "homey". I'll be playing a bit with themes, but you should be used to that! I've tried to get the people who I really MUST visit in blogland when I get the time over on the blogroll immediately, and there are still lots of you left to add, so please be patient.

If you see some link that is bad, or something doesn't work right, please let me know as soon as you can. I've had a great mentor, Brad , helping get this all set up and he's worked hard and long to get it right. Anything that's screwed up you can bet is because I've "played" with it and messed up whatever wonderful setting he had already put in. Any mistakes are mine and mine alone. All the "good" credit goes to him, however.

Back to regular posting soon!

For Jen

No, they aren’t socks*. Yes, they’re upside down. They’re stocking caps for premie babies! My mother gave me the pattern and the information. There is a place you can send them to Africa where the babies are all much smaller than they are here in the U.S.
Or, in my case, I am sending them to the hospital guild for the premies born here. They took such wonderful care of my premie 30-some years ago. It’s taken me awhile, but I’d like to repay them in some small way. So, six down and who knows how many to go?
*These are my first attempt at knitting something that isn’t square or rectangular.

This ‘n That

I have been one busy lady. Don’t believe me? Ask Hubs. He’s got the garbage to prove it.

My home office is still organized and wonderful. Trust me. To be able to say that a week or so after having completed the project is truly a miracle. I’m trying very hard not to slide back into my old habits. So far, so good.

The “bonus room”, as the builders and construction plans all call it, has finally reached the point where it can be used! This is the large room that is over the garage that is designed, in our case, for storage and for my crafts (craps, as Hubs calls it). I think I’ve mentioned this a time or two, but I have waaaay too many interests. Besides being an avid reader (can you say, about 3 books a week?) I also am “into” computers, WoW video game (World of Warcraft for the uninitiated), rubber stamping (aka scrapbooking, but I’m not that organized), crocheting, knitting, cross-stitching, sewing, painting and uh… oh, yeah, blogging. We’ve now lived in this new house two-and-a-half years. I am just now getting all the boxes unpacked upstairs and all the craft stuff put back into shelves and bins and drawers and what-nots that make them easily accessible and available for use.

Hubs and I have an agreement. Since we live in the country, we have a dumpster for our garbage. It resides a ways from the house (who would want one right outside?) and we just call our local garbage guys when it needs emptying. My end of the deal is to take the trash out to the garage and line the wall next to where he parks his pickup. His end is to then load up his pickup and take it the rest of the way out to the dumpster. He says he can always tell when I’ve been cleaning house by the level of garbage he faces when he comes home. Needless to say, it’s been quite a bit lately. Have you ever moved? Have you then later been embarrassed to realize all the JUNK that you moved that you then throw away? Oh… okay. Me neither. *blush*

I noticed on Sunday that the neighbor had about 10 pickups in his driveway. Guess that explained all the shooting. I haven’t figured out what his thing is yet. He came from out of state (I won’t say from where as I’ve met some really nice people from there and although my state likes to make jokes about this state and it’s become quite the rivalry… I’m not going to blame them for one asshat). He has a business in town and sells Carhart brand clothing and who knows what else – I refuse to go into his store, so don’t know for sure – have to rely on what Hubs has told me. Because he’s from out of state I can’t decide if these are all new friends, possibly customers that he’s got coming out for some “hunting”, or old friends from that other state. (Keep in mind, they aren’t actually killing anything that I know of, just clay pigeons.)

I haven’t been working at my paid job due to 1) lack of work 2) lack of motivation 3) weather and 4) too much other stuff going on. However, I did go into work on Sunday to box up the external hard drive that I couldn’t get to work and the company is shipping back…finally… for credit on a new, brand-name, plug-and-play model. They were set for Monday pick up and the weather was to get pretty nasty so I went in Sunday to get it done. At any rate, I walked in and found my new monitor had arrived! Yippee! So, managed to get it all hooked up and the old one ready for recycling – as well as dusted. Yeah, did I mention I’m the maid? Just kidding. We all keep our own space clean, tho’ and the guy I share space with and I have an agreement – I’ll dust if he’ll vacuum. Got that chore done for the month!

Last, but not least, the weather. It’s yucky, but not as bad as they were saying earlier in the week. It is right now snowing and blowing pretty bad – but they’re saying we’re only to get about 5″. Earlier they thought about 9″. It seems Missouri is getting thunderstorms and the moisture they’ve been getting took all of the extra moisture out of the snow, so not so much now. Doesn’t hurt my feelings. At least we aren’t like the people out east facing 100+ inches. That’s just nuts. Any time you have to go up on your roof to shovel, it’s not a good thing. Yeah, yeah, I know… I’m the one who has been asking for it. Moderation, people!

There you have it! So, what’s been going on in your world? What’s that you say? I have to go read your blogs? I thought you were going to say that.