Round 2

Rain1Yes, it's coming. Again. Right now we are seeing this – rain. It's supposed to change to freezing rain, then to snow, and we are under a blizzard warning through tomorrow because of the high winds they're predicting with this system. They keep trying to decide how much we're to get  – Some weather people are saying we could have as little as 3", some saying again a foot. It all depends on where the "ice line" falls. Right now it's pretty much right on top of us.

We've been really lucky. Except for a few branches in the trees breaking off, and the tree on the deck, it's been pretty much a non-event. We lost power for about 20 minutes the other day, but think that was them switching stuff around on the line, not really a loss. I feel for the poor people who have been without power for days – and may not get it back for a few more. I'm sure they are truly dreading this system coming. I keep crossing my fingers hoping we don't lose it with the wind and ice this time. It's usually the perfect conditions to bring the lines down.

Would you believe they're then talking temps in the 50's in a few days? Uh huh. Weird.

In other news – oh, who am I kidding? There really is no other news. Stay warm and safe all you fellow storm sufferers!