A Girl Can Dream?

Spring1Wouldn't this be nice right about now? Uh huh. You heard me right. Me… the snow queen… ready to see a little spring. We didn't really end up with all that much additional snow, even though parts of the state got 15+ inches. We got about 4 or 5 new inches. The worst of it is the wind. We've had white-out conditions for a couple of days. It's so weird – last night you could see the moon, but not the ground. It's been an odd day today. The sun will be out, then 10 minutes later we'll have huge flakes of snow coming down and 10 minutes after that it will be blowing like hell. Wait awhile, and the sun will pop out again. Bizarre.

The interstate is still closed leaving the state and that leaves a lot of semi-trucks stranded. I was shocked yesterday when the malls even closed. You know it's bad when those people close!

Hubs has been going stir-crazy. I keep offering to teach him how to knit or play WoW, but he's not buying. Glad I rented a bunch of movies for him before the weather closed in! Me? I can be cooped up for weeks and as long as I've got food and heat, I can keep myself occupied. I'm weird that way. Most people can't stand being closed up in the house for days on end.

Youngest daughter learned once again about country living. She tried to go to work on a little traveled road about a mile from home and ended up stuck in a big drift – with her 4-wheel-drive vehicle. She just ended up hooked up on top of the drift. Hubs had to go get a chain and drag her out. These are the things that make me worry – yeah, even the grown-up kids get worried about.

My heart goes out to those poor people in the south who got hit with the tornados in the midst of this storm. Our state gets its share of those nasty things and it isn't surprising to see deaths come out of them. I really feel for them. Hope you are all warm, safe and healthy… and spring is just around the corner!