They are all so positive! They make me feel good! They say the nicest things!… but then I have to delete them because they have links to all manner of sordid products and places. Yes, they are spam… and I don't mean the yummy edible kind. I think if I really had that many comments it would go to my head and I would start thinking I could quit my job and blog full time and support my family with only my one-blog-a-day wisdom. But then I would have to have that many comments a day and would have to make sure my blog is linked to some kind of ads so I could make money doing it…. and that might make some people mad who only came to read me and not to have ads thrown in their face. Guess it was all just a dream.

Puckered *update*

You know how when you are in the swimming pool or the bathtub too long your finger tips and toes get puckered? I think my house must be starting to feel that way. We've had almost 4" of rain since Sunday and already 6/10ths since midnight… and it is raining. Still. Forecast is calling for "possible heavy rain" today and tonight. The creek is up (not flooding by the house, but I'll bet some of the bigger creeks nearby are). Luckily, we've not had snow (like Denver area) or the tornados (they have had several down south). It is making it a little bit difficult to get the crops planted, but there is nothing we can do about it… I know it will end. I know it will dry out. I just hope and pray that we get some steady rains throughout the growing season. Yeah, I know, I don't ask for too much! Wink

(I can't imagine what kind of people this title is going to bring… hmmm…I'm sure this is NOT what they will be expecting.)

*update* we ended up with 4.9" total since Sunday to last night when it finally quit. It is spitting rain today, but isn't supposed to amount to much. The creek by our house was higher than it has been in the almost three years we have lived here! Because our house is built up on a bank, it would have taken a lot more to ever be a danger to the house, but it did wash away part of the bank where we had a lot of erosion and had put rip-rap to hold it. Now will need to probably get a lot more to put in there to shore it up again. Moment of panic last night when we thought our sump-pump wasn't working, but it was… we just don't understand for sure how it works, I guess, as it appeared it was full and overflowing before it went down…then filled right back up? Huh. I guess I don't care unless it really does stop working and starts flooding the basement. Roads in town are closed due to the flooding. The fields are covered with ponds. Hubs isn't happy, but I keep reminding him that everyone else (farmers) are in the same boat. (Bad pun). There is nothing they can do with all the fields full of ponds but be patient until it dries out – they go like hell getting the planting done!

Andy reminded me that I'm so very lucky. I still have a roof over my head and all my "stuff" is safe and dry. I know I'm lucky. Doesn't mean I still don't whine sometimes…

The Honor System (a Rant)

I sometimes forget how naive I can be. We have a thing around here (and probably in your area, too) known as the Honor System. I've seen it used for selling sweet corn, and in our office it is used for buying bottled water. Our office has vending machines, but more often people just want a cold drink of water. Because we're in the country, the water doesn't taste the best. It is safe – just not tasty. Or maybe I should say it has too much taste? At any rate, I am "in charge" of the water. I purchase it and stock our little refrigerator with it and we have a coffee can on the top that politely requests a twenty-five cent donation per bottle.

Every day or two I look in the can and take out any paper money that has been put in. Some of the guys just throw in a couple of bucks, or a five, and call themselves "good" for a month or so. That's fine. We had an incident a few years back where about ten dollars mysteriously disappeared from the can, and since that time I try and remove all of the paper money and put it away for future water purchases in a timely fashion. This morning I saw three dollars in the can. I forgot to take it out and when I went into the back room this afternoon to get a water for myself… you guessed it… gone. WTF? Is there no trust any more?

Before you start saying "maybe they needed money for the vending machine" let me point out that the dollars that were in there were of the highly crushed variety that our vendo won't take – and was most likely put in the can to make coin change that the vendo would take.

I'm just so disappointed in human beings some days.


Nicole was asking for volunteers to be interviewed, and since I'd never done this before I figured "what have I got to lose". Here goes! Be sure to check out the rules at the end!

1. What is your favorite television show, movie, book, and album? Personally, I think she cheated here. This is like four questions in one! At the moment these are the standings (remember, I change frequently). "Lost" , "The Shawshank Redemption", at the moment I like the writing team of Douglas Preston/ Lincoln Child – any of their books, Dan Fogelburg and Tim Weisburg "Twin Sons of Different Mothers". (Dan Fogelburg was diagnosed a few years ago with cancer and has been battling it ever since. His talent has been missed.)

2. If there's one thing you could change about yourself, looks or otherwise, what would it be? Oh, lord, just ONE? Hmmm… my weight. I wish I were about 60 lbs. lighter, then perhaps the diabetes wouldn't be such an issue. In the "non-looks" department, I sometimes wish I weren't so anti-social. Oh, who am I kidding? I am a perfect spokesperson for OCS (Only child syndrome).

3. What is your idea of the perfect day? This one is easy. A foot of snow on the ground, big flakes falling from the sky, curled up in my house next to the fireplace with a good book, cup of cocoa, my critters, Hubs in the next room and knowing all my family are safe and warm.

4. Which do you do more – reminisce about the past, look to the future, or live in the present? I kind of think I do each pretty equally.

5. If you had the ability to have any career in the world, what would it be and why? I would like to have the money (read, win lottery) to build a no-kill animal shelter and have the space and staff to make it possible to save as many critters as I could. I think there are so many that are abused just because people don't see them as having feelings and think of them as "dumb animals". They are so wrong. I love critters. If I couldn't do that, I'd like to be a good enough writer to be published. I've always written and may not always have the technical aspects correct (you know, spelling, punctuation, etc.) but I do like me the written word.

Here are the rules if you want to play
1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by e-mailing you five questions. I get to pick them, and you have to answer them all.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Havin’ a Love-In

I'm a day early, but this way it will last longer and give you a chance to not miss the BIG DAY. Sizzle is having a birthday! Yes, Wednesday will be her 34th birthday. Go on over and give her a big hug and wish her Happy B-day! Go on… I'll wait.

She's a few years younger than I am (okay, a little more than a few years younger…picky, picky) but she was one of the first people I found out here in blogland when I decided to start this adventure and I loved her from the beginning. Except for the age… and geographic differences… we could be sisters! So many issues, so many doubts, so many insecurities…and yet? We keep plugging away trying to figure it out. I told her once that I wish I'd had as many things figured out about myself at her age as she does… it took me a lot longer.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sizzle… Hope you have a terrific year ahead!

Skippy the Deerslayer

Deer – 3, Sue – 1.  … and how was your Friday?

I was up early to take my NEW car (the VW Beetle – Skippy) to get her very first oil change. I had to go to the neighboring town where we bought her, about 40 miles away. I decided since it had been so sloppy I'd wash her on the way, so headed into town. I saw a few deer on the road south of our house, but saw them coming from a long ways away and stopped to let them cross the road safely. Continuing on, I turned onto the paved road and hadn't gone more than 1/2 mile when one came flying over a bank, through the ditch, and right into the side of my NEW car. This is the third deer I've hit over the past 10 years, and the second in a year. The last one I killed. The guy following me told me this one just limped away. That's nice…

I have a headlight lense gone. Cracked front fender, bashed in driver's door, bashed in back panel, and badly cracked back fender. I am not happy.

Continuing my "good" day… I drove to the dealership where they proceeded to say, "we'll see you at 5 o'clock". Huh? I was getting a loaner, but thought I was going to only be stuck there for a few hours. No. I guess if you get a loaner (instead of waiting) you get the all-day treatment. Ooohhh. Since they were also fixing a couple of minor things, I said okay and proceeded to the loaner. A lovely new car it was clean and had all the ammenities. Except fuel. The fuel light was on. Sheesh. So, I go in and politely say, "I'm from out of town and I see the car is out of fuel…can you tell me where a good place to get some is?". Silly me, thinking they may actually offer to put in a bit. No. They told me there was a station up the road a piece.

Next time? It's going to be serviced here in town, if not by my own husband. We'll see what the body shop says Tuesday. My poor baby…

‘fess up!

Okay, I can't link to it here… 'cause then you may see what I've already entered. I'm not sure. I don't know how that works. But ONE OF YOU got me hooked on this "FUNNY FARM" puzzle thing found on this website. I can't remember who mentioned it on their blog. I know it was someone over there on the blogroll, 'cause I'd remember if it came from someone else.

Damn you. Come forward and give me some HELP! Arrrggghhh…  Everyone else? Do NOT start this. It will drive you crazy. I promise.