Happy Easter!

I've been the one to go to sunrise services. I've been the one to color eggs and hide them throughout the house (or, weather permitting, the yard). I've never been known to own a bonnet.

None of these were applicable today.

Quietly spent at home with Hubs and critters. Enjoying the sunny, yet cool day. Hoping all the dead little shoots that were such promising blooms pull out of their death throes when some warmer weather heads our way. Won't be for awhile yet, however. Snow showers predicted on Tuesday. As much as I hate to admit it, this is still Iowa and it really isn't unheard of to have snow this time of year – and freeze warnings aren't even issued for our part of the country as it isn't time for the possibility of freezing to be over.

Spring planting and field work are just around the corner. The weather will warm, the flowers and grass will green up again and soon I'll be wishing it would cool off. In the mean time… I'm going to try and have a good attitude about it all. Enjoy your spring – in whatever form it comes.