Zach Who?

Masters Jacket Those of you who are avid golfers probably recognize this green jacket… even if it isn't being worn by Tiger Woods. I am not a golf fan. I rarely watch golf. My one exception is the last hour of the last day of the masters' tournament. I have this curiousity to see who the best one is. Rather like "American Idol". I rarely catch any of the performances during the season, but love watching the final show. Come to think of it, I've also done that with "The Bachelor"… and "Survivor". Hmmm… I see a trend. I digress…

What I wanted to point out here was the winner was… Zach Johnson! Whoot! Yay! Yippee!

I know, you're wondering why I'm so excited. Who in the heck is Zach Johnson? Well, I personally had never heard of him either. However, when I did hear about him I was surprised to hear he was from Iowa! Yep. Home-boy. He is the first Iowan to be in the top 10 in golf … in like… forever. So, although I'm not a big golf fan, I am a huge supporter of Iowa natives. Way to go, Zach!

Hubs and I had to laugh. The sportscasters kept saying how cold it was this year and how that was affecting the players. I'm sure Zach was one of the few who probably played with day-glo orange balls on the courses in Iowa in the wintertime… cold? Bah.