The Honor System (a Rant)

I sometimes forget how naive I can be. We have a thing around here (and probably in your area, too) known as the Honor System. I've seen it used for selling sweet corn, and in our office it is used for buying bottled water. Our office has vending machines, but more often people just want a cold drink of water. Because we're in the country, the water doesn't taste the best. It is safe – just not tasty. Or maybe I should say it has too much taste? At any rate, I am "in charge" of the water. I purchase it and stock our little refrigerator with it and we have a coffee can on the top that politely requests a twenty-five cent donation per bottle.

Every day or two I look in the can and take out any paper money that has been put in. Some of the guys just throw in a couple of bucks, or a five, and call themselves "good" for a month or so. That's fine. We had an incident a few years back where about ten dollars mysteriously disappeared from the can, and since that time I try and remove all of the paper money and put it away for future water purchases in a timely fashion. This morning I saw three dollars in the can. I forgot to take it out and when I went into the back room this afternoon to get a water for myself… you guessed it… gone. WTF? Is there no trust any more?

Before you start saying "maybe they needed money for the vending machine" let me point out that the dollars that were in there were of the highly crushed variety that our vendo won't take – and was most likely put in the can to make coin change that the vendo would take.

I'm just so disappointed in human beings some days.