Puckered *update*

You know how when you are in the swimming pool or the bathtub too long your finger tips and toes get puckered? I think my house must be starting to feel that way. We've had almost 4" of rain since Sunday and already 6/10ths since midnight… and it is raining. Still. Forecast is calling for "possible heavy rain" today and tonight. The creek is up (not flooding by the house, but I'll bet some of the bigger creeks nearby are). Luckily, we've not had snow (like Denver area) or the tornados (they have had several down south). It is making it a little bit difficult to get the crops planted, but there is nothing we can do about it… I know it will end. I know it will dry out. I just hope and pray that we get some steady rains throughout the growing season. Yeah, I know, I don't ask for too much! Wink

(I can't imagine what kind of people this title is going to bring… hmmm…I'm sure this is NOT what they will be expecting.)

*update* we ended up with 4.9" total since Sunday to last night when it finally quit. It is spitting rain today, but isn't supposed to amount to much. The creek by our house was higher than it has been in the almost three years we have lived here! Because our house is built up on a bank, it would have taken a lot more to ever be a danger to the house, but it did wash away part of the bank where we had a lot of erosion and had put rip-rap to hold it. Now will need to probably get a lot more to put in there to shore it up again. Moment of panic last night when we thought our sump-pump wasn't working, but it was… we just don't understand for sure how it works, I guess, as it appeared it was full and overflowing before it went down…then filled right back up? Huh. I guess I don't care unless it really does stop working and starts flooding the basement. Roads in town are closed due to the flooding. The fields are covered with ponds. Hubs isn't happy, but I keep reminding him that everyone else (farmers) are in the same boat. (Bad pun). There is nothing they can do with all the fields full of ponds but be patient until it dries out – they go like hell getting the planting done!

Andy reminded me that I'm so very lucky. I still have a roof over my head and all my "stuff" is safe and dry. I know I'm lucky. Doesn't mean I still don't whine sometimes…