Tuesday Tidbits

I'm feeling a bit dis-jointed today, so you get scraps.

  • The funeral is this afternoon for my son's friend. I'm going with my daughters, who also knew him and went to school with him. It is going to be a rough afternoon.
  • For those of you playing along, youngest daughter is going to be MORE than 2 miles away… more like 7.
  • Racer son came in 6th Saturday night. He was 7th the week before. He's getting closer…
  • It has stopped raining. For now. The sun is actually out today. Can we please keep dry long enough to start… and finish… planting the crops?
  • I feel for the people in Greensburg, Kansas. Their town was destroyed by an F5 tornado and 8 people lost their lives. Although I didn't live through it, my Hubs did go through one here back in the 70's. I've seen the pictures. Scarier than hell. Truth be known, I'm surprised the people in Kansas had 20 minutes to prepare! Normally, you are lucky to get 5 or 10, if that. My fear is one coming at night when you're sleeping and not realizing. We live in the country and are not where you can hear the sirens. I've tried two different weather-band radios that have alarm systems, but we can't get a good enough signal for them to work. When we are under a tornado watch, I've a tendency to either sit up or sleep very badly.
  • I need a nap

Happy Tuesday.