Mother’s Day (bonus post)

I just read what my youngest daughter wrote for Mother's Day. It moved me to tears. It is one thing to throw all these horrors at your children during your lifetime and try to then explain to them how you ended up being the person that you are now. They lived through a lot of it with me, in one form or another, but that doesn't make it any easier. It is such a feeling of overwhelming love to read what she has written and be able to say, "She gets it. She really understands me." I don't think too many parents get that opportunity. So many times we're trying to figure out what makes out kids tick and never think that maybe they are wondering the same thing. I've said it before and will say it again… I am so proud of my children. I am the woman who, as a teenager, never wanted to have children. Now? I can't imagine my life without them. I love them so much… and I am so blessed to have that love returned ten-fold. Thank you, Em, for the most beautiful words.

Monday Musings

It was interesting to see the comments on my last post. Thanks to Deb for setting me straight – I'm not anti-social after all, I'm avoidant. I'll have to remember that. This is how my weekend went:

  • Friday after work I took food to Hubs in the field, then youngest daughter and I went to "Fractured". It was pretty good – we won't even discuss how much better it was than "Spiderman 3", but it was buttloads better. We thought we had figured it out about half-way through, but curiosity kept us in our seats to make sure we were right. We were.
  • Saturday morning I worked at my "town" job. Then I got my mother a plant and delivered it in person – solving the dilemma of Mother's Day, obligitory visit, and getting to see their new puppy! Yes, they got a new pup and she's adorable. Only 12 weeks old and 3 lbs, she's a black and white (more white than black) shih tzu. Our family is a bit partial to shih tzus, so it was fun to see a little one again. She's a doll and I'll have to post pictures when I have time to download them from my camera.
  • On the 40 minute drive back home, I made an impulsive decision to go watch my son race. Hubs and MIL had already left to drive to the track, and youngest daughter had just gotten off work. She'd called and wanted to know what we were doing for supper. I called her back and said, "Do you want more blog-fodder?" then told her I was hungry for "track food". She said "sure!" and we called eldest daughter to see if she wanted to go with. Sure enough she was up to it! We got there after his hot laps and his heat race, to find a bunch of people crowding around the car. Uh-oh. Not always a good sign. We were up in the stands and luckily his fiance' and her family were there, too, and knew what had happened. Seems he got in a little fender-bender on the track, but nothing major and he just had to replace a front bumper. We were there for the main race, but he didn't have a very good night. Couldn't seem to get a bite on the track and ended up 7th – which in this case, was last. Still and all, from my perspective it was a good night – any night he doesn't crash (and I am watching) is a great night.  Afterwards we went down to the pit and surprised everyone – no body knew we were coming. We joked and visited with some of the people who hang around after the races to talk to the drivers – as well as his friends who help out on the car. It was a good evening, spoiled only by the fact I had to get up the next morning.
  • Another piece of trivia in the "good news" department. At the races? My brother-in-law was there with his two brats sons. You remember, The Boys. At any rate, I guess when my son was working on the car, BIL encouraged his youngest (10?12?) to help wrench on the car. I don't know what it is about that guy… he just pisses the hell out of me. He was so happy that his son got the "experience" of "working on a race car". Gah. He and his wife are the most snoopy, pushy, take-things-for-granted people I know. I've told the tales of him bringing The Boys out to the farm, like it's an amusement park… "c'mon, boys! ride the rides! drive the tractor! stand in front of the combine! play in the bin! isn't this FUN?"… well, that extends to every part of the world, apparently. Now it's "c'mon boys, come to the track! mess with the cars! piss of the drivers! Isn't this FUN?". My son has the patience of Job that he didn't just haul off and smack that kid clear across the track.  You were wondering where the "good news" comes in? Well, first that they were in the pits and I wasn't… and second, that they left shortly after the race and I never had to say a word to any of them. I know, I'm so going to hell.
  • Sunday brought morning too soon. After the night before I wasn't ready. I don't know how Hubs does it. More practice, I guess. He was out the door by 7 o'clock to head to the field to plant. I was barely seeing. No, it wasn't a hangover – I only had one beer. It was more the "I'm an old lady who has a hard time staying out until midnight and then getting up in the morning after eating large quantities of dirt"… thing. I finally made myself move limbs and got a snack for Hubs and took it out to the field. Then did some help moving things around and ran into town with youngest daughter for coffee (her) and a plant for MIL. Back home to drop off daughter, then took plant to MIL's and got lunches around for the guys. More moving help and I was off the hook for awhile farm-wise.
  • Sunday afternoon brought frustrations. First Hubs called me and asked if I was prepared to be pissed off. That's never a good beginning of a conversation and usually involves BIL. This was no exception. For background, you have to know my MIL has a grove of trees (most farmers do have some type of windbreak). Some of her trees are evergreens, but she has quite a few deciduous. Since I've known her, she frets about those damn trees and her "twigs"… fallen sticks and branches that need to be cut, etc. I mean, when the kids were small they never went to their grandma's to visit, no… she always had them come over to "pick up sticks". Is it any wonder they never wanted to go see her? (We won't get into the fact that she refused to be called Grandma until the last grandchild came…) So, back to yesterday. BIL and his wife gave my MIL a mother's day gift of  picking up the sticks. Okay, to be fair, they took dinner also, but here's the kicker… they can't do it without using all OUR equipment, fuel, etc. Yeah. Leeches. They called to ask about using the small tractor (with a bucket and exchangable forks), then MIL called and wanted to know where the next bigger tractor was. Didn't ask to use it, just wanted to know where it was. uh huh. We're not stupid. Even YOU figured out why she wanted to know. Amazingly enough, BIL did bring his own chainsaw. huh. I didn't even know he had one. Another first. Oh, and then they called to see if they could use the Rhino. I was over there later and saw the Rhino going down the road with a trailer attached loaded down with tree debris. I guess they were going to this small patch of grass that's part of the field, but away from the house. No, they didn't take all the debris there, just one pile. Why? Found out later that one of The Boys wants to have a bonfire with some friends out there. (Does anyone know a NARC we can call when they do? I'm just sure they would find something…) Hell. me. Yup.
  • Sunday also found me trying to get my veggie garden planted as well as a couple of flats of annuals stuck in the ground that have been sitting waiting for things to dry up a bit. That was a lesson in frustration. I have a small rototiller that was out of fuel. It takes the mixed kind – oil and gas. The gas can is not at our house. Back to the shop (about 4.5 miles) to find the can. Found it. It's small, just a gallon size. Half full. Hmmm… don't know if that will be enough. Start looking for more oil to mix up more if I need it. End up being roped into going to the house to see MIL's dresses she bought for the boys' weddings. Just what I wanted to do at that point in time. Close proximity to SIL made forced conversation. Ugh. Escaped back to the shop as fast as humanly possible. Found the oil. YAY! Back home, filled the tiller and proceeded to both sweat and swear in equal quantities. I couldn't get that &%#$ to start  and stay running for the life of me. After 90- minutes of messing, sweating, swearing, waiting (did I flood it?) and pissing around, I wheeled the damn thing back in the garage and got out my trusty spade. The garden is planted. The annuals are 3/4 planted. All got watered. Dogs had fun laying on the newly planted flora. What is it with dogs and newly dug earth? They love it. Cool on their hot tummies, I guess. None of them are big enough to do permanent damage. At least my little one figured out not to dig them up as fast as I planted them. I got her broke of that last year, I think. This time she just kept coming around and giving me kisses – trying to figure out what I was doing on the ground for so long. I think if I actually passed out, this would be the scenerio. I wouldn't have "Lassie" getting help for "Timmy", I would just get "kissed" to death. At least I'd die with a clean face.
  • Sunday night. Dinner prepared and delivered to the field. Later I would help Hubs get moved and head for home. He had a busy, successful day – planting 240 acres! Yay! I got home and showered and hit the bed hard. Needless to say, I slept deeply last night!

Rain expected tonight and tomorrow morning – possible severe. Hope it misses us or at least is light. They've only just gotten going again and even now are some wet spots that have to be avoided so they don't get stuck. This post turned out a lot longer than I thought – guess I really DID have a busy weekend! Hope all you Mothers had a good day~~~