Noah and The Critters

Doesn't exactly feel like we should be building the ark yet, but wow… we got almost 3" of rain from Wednesday night to Thursday night. Some parts of the state had over 7"! (I'm sorry to rub it in for those of you suffering from drought – been there, done that). Today is to be a dry one, then more rain over the weekend. So glad Hubs got the planting done!! I thought of Noah this morning when I recalled Hubs' and my conversation the other night about all the wild things we have in our yard or nearby vicinity. The deer, squirrels and bunnies have been mentioned (yes, I'm still losing plants, no I don't know why, yes, I've done all the recommended remedies except the fence). We also have neighbors with a small pond as well as the creek that runs right behind out house. The creek has had quite a bit of water in it this spring – some years it dries up pretty good. It just isn't that big of a creek. At any rate, our neighbors have some geese that stick around and they come over to our field. We see blue heron flying around some days, too. They look absolutely huge!

Pheasants are thick right now and Hubs has gotten an area near our driveway that he bush-hogged a few times when we first moved to knock down the "bad" stuff and now it's growing up to good cover for the wildlife. Most days when I go to work I see at least one male and two or three female pheasants somewhere in the area.

We still have one chipmunk (I killed the other one accidentally by leaving a pail of water out that he/she fell into). Guess he/she doesn't hold it against me for that little piece of tragedy. We also have had some of the most gorgeous birds coming around the feeders – ones I thought I'd never see. Indigo buntings, Baltimore orioles, goldfinches, housefinches, and the every present blue jays and cardinals (Hubs even said he saw a hummingbird the other day). Makes for some fun birdwatching for the cats.

When we were building the house we saw huge paw-prints in the snow that were way too big to be a housecat and were not dog prints. We have heard rumors that there have been some mountain lions/cougars in the state and it wouldn't have surprised me a bit to think that was what it was. We also have other preditory animals – hawks and eagles have been sighted as well as a coyote that our builder saw in the yard one day. With all the timber, the creek, and the fields full of corn it makes for a pretty lush area for wild animals – even as close to town as we are.

What got me thinking of the critters this morning – and especially Noah and his "two by two"… I saw two dead foxes on the road today on the way to work, less than a mile from home. They looked like they may have been young ones and were killed a few feet from each other, so were probably traveling together. They really are beautiful animals. What a shame. 

Even if I occasionally hit a deer (or a deer hits me) I still really don't want to let someone come in and hunt them. No, I have nothing against hunting… as long as the hunter is responsible and takes care of their kill and uses the meat. I just hate the thought of scaring them all away. A few tomato plants are worth it to enjoy the wilderness that is our home… only three miles away from "civilization".