This isn't a meme, or a poll exactly. Just curiousity on my part. Please continue to comment on my poll below on sun usage. I'll be back in a few days to expound on both of these. Feel free to discuss. 

So how much do you believe?

  1. Do you believe the red light that is appearing next to the signal strength of my home internet "just does that sometimes" even when everything is aligned and working correctly? (btw – my webmail went down at work because he was working on it at home. I wasn't thinking.)
  2. Do you believe that the internet provider is having email conflicts and has been for a couple of weeks and they are trying to resolve the issue so that Outlook or Outlook express will actually work?
  3. Do you believe a mechanic when he tells you there is work needed above and beyond what you've taken the vehicle in to be serviced for? Does it make a difference if you or a man or a woman or is that not a factor in your belief?
  4. Do you believe in Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy. Did you ever?
  5. Do you believe there is someone for each of us and they are just waiting to be found – or have you found them?
  6. Do you believe some people are meant to be alone?
  7. Do you believe in miracles?
  8. Do you believe in ESP?
  9. Do you believe "we are not alone"?
  10. Do you believe in rights to privacy? Are there limits?
  11. Do you believe in the war in Iraq?
  12. Do you believe the information your local newspaper prints? How about a national paper, say, The New York Times?
  13. Do you believe in God?

Now I've stirred the can of worms, ala Becky…  let's see some comments, people!

Hey Lady! (a rant)

I think I can see the top of your head over the steering wheel. I know I can see your handi-capped sticker hanging from the rear-view window. Neither of these things alone concern me. What does concern me is the fact you came out of the grocery store parking lot and pulled right in front of me, going clear into the other lane where an on-coming van almost hit you, then proceeded to swerve back and forth along the center line for the next two blocks as if aligning for a landing. I wrote down your license plate, but you turned and went out of sight and I could only hope you weren't heading out to the highway.

I realize older people want to be mobile. I realize they want to have that independence. But not at the risk of killing everyone around them.

Hear me, kids? Put that on your list of "if I get that way you can take me out in the road and shoot me"…

Monday Musings (on Tuesday)

The verdict is still out. 

Yesterday I stayed home from work for the internet installer. He was to come at noon. I stayed home to do some housecleaning so that I could let him IN the house. (I worked Saturday, and was lazy Sunday… what can I say?) At any rate, he showed up about 1:30 bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Considering he was working in almost 90 degree heat, full sun, and high humidity, I gave him a break. Also we have had him do installs before of our television satellite systems, so had a lot of faith in him. He, too, was the guy who wired our whole house for internet and cable as we were building. In other words, I think he knows his stuff.

The internet thing is new. He's gone to some training for it and had installed one other system before ours, but said it went pretty well.

He worked until about 4 o'clock when his wife showed up to do the computer side of it – the settings, etc. She seemed to know her stuff to a point. I saw her reading her "cheat sheet" several times and once or twice I had to show her a thing or two. Oh, well. I'm about half-again as old as she is and she told me she was a self-taught computer person, too, so I figured I had a few years of experience on her. She hit a small glitch at one point when the e-mail didn't seem to work correctly, but when she called support they told her they were having small outages here and there and maybe that was the trouble, to wait awhile and try again. The support people looked at the website that showed the settings for my system and pointed out some part had a red flag, that maybe it needed a bit of adjustment to the alignment. Then again, they said, it might correct itself. (That would be a new one! ) Her husband had already left on another job, and we couldn't get that particular website to come up on my system, so she said she'd monitor it from home and let me know.

Today I was messing around getting all my address list, accounts, this and that, all switched to the new e-mail. I had the webmail site up here at work so I could monitor what was happening. I was a bit worried as the "test" e-mail we'd sent last night from my old account still hadn't appeared in the new one. After getting through about 25 listings (did you ever realize HOW MANY things we sign on with our e-mail or have to give them an e-mail address?) I had a couple that were going to send me verifications that I had to return. They hadn't shown up either.

Leave it to me, the snoop. I went to the webpage for the company and went into the installer's page to see what I could find… and lo and behold! She'd given me the wrong friggin' name to use in my e-mail. Arrrggghhhh!  Yeah. It's a wonder I have any hair left.

After I plugged in the right e-mail address and sent a test message to myself, it popped right up! Amazing. I decided to be nice and call the installers so they wouldn't be giving out incorrect information to other people. They told me at that time the red flag was still waving and they would probably be back out tonight to check the alignment of the dish and see if they could get it where it needed to be. So far, I think it's a slight bit faster, but I'm guessing if they get all green lights it will be maximum speed.

I didn't even bother messing with getting my network set up again last night. By the time she left the house, I still had to go grocery shopping – one of those dreaded jobs. Especially at 5 o'clock when everyone else is going after work. Oh, well… gotta eat.

Will let you know what happens. I finally remembered (after I got some comments come in on my old e-mail) that I needed to change the one here, too. Duh. It's been a long couple of days…


It's officially summer now, so thought I needed to change it up a bit. Pink isn't my favorite color, but I can stand it for a couple of months until the next change comes along… I stopped re-arranging furniture, so now have to take it out somewhere. Lucky you! (Hey Brad, if you're out there, can you update my sitemeter AGAIN? Thanks! You know, sometime it might just be easier for you to tell ME how to do it! LOL…)

Procrastination at Its Finest – A Bunch of Fives Meme

(I was supposed to do this a long time ago, but got side-tracked. ) 
I was innocently reading a blog when WHAM! I got tagged. (Silly me… I'm going to do it anyway.)
A Bunch of Fives Meme
Instructions: Remove the blog from the top, move all blogs up one, add yourself to the bottom.

I'm supposed to tag five people. I'm not gonna. If you want to do it. let me know… I just thought I'd do it and spare you another rant today. 

A Bunch of Fives
What were you doing 10 years ago? I was working full-time on the farm helping Hubs after his father had passed away a short two years before. Dreaming of a new house but never imagining it was going to happen a few years down the road. Probably working in the gardens and flowerbeds that were at the old house – I had several.

What were you doing 1 year ago? Working at the same place I do now (a farm fertilizer/chemical plant) and helping Hubs with the farm. Doing more things to the yard now that we'd lived there a year and the soil had finally loosened up a bit after being packed rock-hard during construction. The deer and bunnies hadn't found us yet. Oh, and getting used to having youngest daughter living back home after her divorce.

Five Snacks You Enjoy: Remember, this is ENJOY, not that I can HAVE (I'm diabetic). Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, hot chocolate.

Five Songs That You Know All The Lyrics To: None. I know lots of pieces of songs, but not one song that I know ALL the words to…well, maybe "Happy Birthday" – Does that count?
Five Things You Would Do If You Were a Millionaire: You know, a million doesn't go as far as it used to, right? For me to do some of these things it would take being a "mulit-millionaire". Work from home (or quit), pay off all our debts, set up some financial security for our children, have a greenhouse and indoor swimming pool complex built at our house, have or support a no-kill animal shelter.

Five bad habits: Amazing how many things I had in common with Cindi! Biting my nails, overeating, procrastination, worrying (is that a habit?) Cindi, for sake of the meme I'll say YES, and last but not least…getting pissed at my in-laws. 

Five Things You Like To Do: In no particular order – Read (anything), play World of Warcraft, crafty-stuff (that would be five on their own), play with my critters, play with my husband (get your minds out of the gutter…I swear you are a randy bunch!)
Five Things You Would Never Wear Again: A wedding dress (been there, done that), high heels (I fall down, seriously…), a bikini, thongs (flip-flops to you youngsters – no, not that I would wear one of "those" thongs, either.), anything yellow.

Five Favorite Toys: I'm gonna answer as an adult 'cause I can't remember all the stuff I liked as a kid. Computer, camera, iPod, my VW Beetle, my critters (If I counted all the critters I'd be over 5 to start with… so I lumped 'em together)
Okay, go and have fun now – if you decide to do this let me know so I can come find out more about YOU!

I’m Easy

Get your mind out of the gutter. All I'm saying is I'm easy to amaze and amuse.

Amaze Me: The i-net guy called me yesterday afternoon without me calling him first! It's only been two-and-a-half weeks since he told me he was taking his "last class" to install i-net (he usually installs tv satellite systems). He did say he had already installed one someplace else (and he had previously said I would be his guinea pig…shucks) but it went quite well. Good. He's coming Monday or Tuesday afternoon to install ours. He'll call me Monday to set the time. Dare I get excited yet?

Amuse Me: I had a lovely time at dinner last night. Present was Hubs, my eldest son and his fiance, and youngest daughter. We went to the restaurant that the rehearsal dinner will be held at. It was fantastic company, terrific food, and a cool ambiance. If I had been thinking, I would have taken pictures of the entrees, they were that pretty. Hubs and I had wood grilled shrimp and sea scallops with fresh vegtables and garlic mashed potatoes, followed by cheesecake for him (with strawberry rum sauce) and a flourless double-chocolate torte with raspberry sauce for me. Can I just say again for the record, YUM. We have three selections for the rehearsal dinner, and that is going to be one of them, as well as both the desserts will be choices. Also choice offerings are some type of pork chop and a cantalloni (spell?) dish. Our son had that one and it is one of his favorites. It looked wonderful. I have to admit that Hubs and I were a bit afraid this place would be too "civilized" for our simple country tastes. We're pretty much meat-and-potatoes people and have eaten with our son and his fiance before at their favorite restaurant in our town. Not one of our favorites. It is one of those places where the portions are miniscule and are combinations that don't fit our taste buds very well. They don't have anything that I would call "normal" food. Knowing this is one of their favorites, we were a bit concerned to see what this place they'd picked for the rehearsal would be like. Again, amazed and amused am I. Delicious. Now I'm really looking forward to it. The other really nice thing about the evening was that our son picked up the tab! Hubs couldn't get over that. He's just used to always getting the bill when having dinner with any of the kids. It's just what we do. Rather a nice surprise to have son get it…  and to realize he's doing well enough in life after all the struggles that he can. That's a great feeling. Of course, they did remind us that we will have the "much bigger" bill after the rehearsal dinner, but we expect that and is the least we can do.

Last, but not least… my head hit the pillow at 10 p.m. and I didn't even wiggle until 4 a.m. when Hubs woke up. I even let the dogs out and went back to bed for awhile and got another little snooze in. I'm feeling much more rested today. Surprised I held up as well as I did last night, but I got a "second wind" after work.

YAWN! (a rant)

This was not the post I was going to have today. As a matter of fact, it isn't one I want to have any day but today called for it. I'm tired. Very, very, very tired. I am a person who needs sleep. When I was a kid I spent half my life being up a night. I considered myself a night person. I can remember when I was 3 or 4 years old and living with my grandparents, sneaking downstairs during the night and sitting in the rocking chair next to the big picture window. I think picture windows must have been the pre-slider days. It was a huge window (even by adult standards) and took up a large section of the livingroom wall. It had the pre-requsite bb-gun-pellet bullseye hole in it (I have no clue which child or grandchild put that there, but I can't remember the window without it.) and I would sit for hours rocking and looking out the window. The house across the street was a two-story and the windows and porch made a "face" – which in my imagination I would play in my mind as it watching me and as lights went on or off upstairs it would "wink" at me. Yes, I had an imagination even then. If I didn't sneak clear downstairs, I would slip down the stairway to the first landing – a small square where the staircase turned. There was a child-sized window on the landing and I could sit there on the floor and gaze out at the trains crossing at the kitty-corner. The trains passed behind the houses across from my grandparents' house, but they lived on a corner and I could see the trains at the crossing. They had a pretty active rail line, including passenger trains and I could watch them for hours, too. Then as a teenager I would sneak out of my bedroom window about 10 p.m. and come home at the crack of dawn – sometimes the paperboy would even beat me back to the house! An hour or so later, off to school. Thank goodness I had an art class first thing in the morning and didn't have to think too hard! The point being, I rarely got tired… I could turn around and do it all again the next night!

Now as an adult I can't get by on 3 or 4 hours or even 8 hours if it is constantly being interrupted. That brings us to last night. After a day (that I will probably post about tomorrow) that wore me out, I was finally home by 8 p.m. and in bed by 9. That's pretty typical. I don't usually sleep until after 10, however, as I use that time for reading. I did read some last night, but felt the need for shut-eye at about 9:30. All was fine until the friggin' phone rang at 11:30. This happened about three or four days ago, too, only that time no one was there. This time? I couldn't understand a word they said, but it was some prank talking in a high voice – said something really fast, then hung up. Gah. I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate (can you tell I don't like it?) when the phone rings at night. It usually isn't good news. People don't call you in the middle of the night to tell you they've gotten a promotion or they've won the lottery… they wait until it is a decent time of the day. In my experience, night calls have only meant someone is in jail… or has died. So even though I would love to disconnect the phone by my bed, if I did and someone DID end up in jail or die and I missed the call, well, that wouldn't be good. Now I'm wide awake and shaking with the adreneline caused by the jarring awake out of a deep sleep by a prankster. Bastard.

I settle down, finally, determining it was not in my best interest tonight to get up and read but to lay there and try deep breathing and calming techniques and let myself drift off again…

…for about another two hours. Now it is the dog. To be specific, my daughter's dog. I love this dog. She is a sweetheart. She only has one bad habit. She barks at the most mundane things. It takes nothing to set her off. You drop a book upstairs? She comes barking in a frenzy from downstairs. She sees a squirrel on the deck? Yup… arf. She has an electronic "bark"collar that is supposed to train her not to bark, but she seems to go through batteries like water. It works as a deterrent to a certain extent, however, the collar must be ON the dog. *Hint* Normally daughter takes her to the furthest reaches of the house to her bedroom at night, then kicks her out in the morning when she hears Hubs or I start moving around and begins the growling that preceeds the barking. That's fine. If we're up, we let her out when we let out the other pups and she's happy. I did say normally. Last night wasn't normal. Occasionally when daughter is too lazy to come up and get the dog when the dog won't come to her super-tired she leaves the dog out loose and for some reason the dog prefers to be upstairs. Anyhow, that's what happened last night. Dog. Barking. I'm too out of it to get up and go make sure she has her anti-bark collar on (which I can tell by the length of time she's barking she either doesn't or the battery is dead again). I finally drag myself out of bed long enough to whisper-yell at her (it's a fine line, trust me). That stops it. For about another two hours. Yeah. Two hours.

Finally, as dawn is creeping in I give a long stretch… ARRRGGGHHHHH! A cramp! A cramp! A cramp! A mother-fucking-hurts-like-hell-grab-your-calf-cramp. I try the "push your heel down" to stretch the muscle. Well, let's just say I TRIED to push… this one was set in good. Set in so good that this morning it still hurts.

Last, but not least, finally I dozed a bit right before dawn. I don't know about you but that seems to be when I have the most vivid dreams and the ones I remember the longest. I was at the old house and walked into the garage to find rats of every shape, size and color that showed no fear whatsoever at the sight of me… so decided to go get a pistol (I just learned to shoot about a year ago) and kill them all. Then woke up. What is up with THAT? I'm sure some therapist would have a heyday.

Tonight won't be an early one, either. We're supposed to go have dinner with my son and his fiance' to check out the restaurant where the rehearsal dinner will be at. I just hope I can stay awake!

Monday Musings

Once again I'm at work and it's Monday. Which one of those wins for bummer of the week?

  • Carrie informs me our i-net trouble is due to Mercury Retrograde. I'll have to look it up. Sunspots cause trouble sometimes, but not usually for such a long time. If I don't hear from the i-net guy (who said he was taking his LAST instruction on the 5th, 2 weeks ago, and would then call me) by tomorrow I'm calling him back. I'm getting ready to be pissed. (I heard that. You're thinking, oh no… another rant coming!)
  • My lovable VW Beetle, Skippy the Deerslayer, decided to trick me last week before we left by turning on the "check engine" dash warning light. I guess it is techically called something else, but who cares. I pulled over, did a quick look in the manual, and decided to try and call the dealership. It was Saturday, so no luck. I called Hubs who said to "just drive it" as long as it wasn't acting funny or making weird noises. I called on Tuesday and made an appointment to get it in to be looked at tomorrow – this time I'm waiting for it – and they didn't seem too concerned. No one said "Step AWAY from the car…she's gonna BLOW!"  – neither did they say to not drive it. Is it remarkable to anyone but me that yesterday the light went out? Does this mean it fixed itself? I suppose I'll go ahead and take it in seeing as I have the appointment and it is under warranty. Plus, I know as soon as I call to cancel the appointment the light will magically come on and Skippy will say, "Gotcha!". Yeah. She talks. Go figure.
  • MIL caught me on the phone Saturday. I've been screening her for a week, so decided in a moment of weakness that I really should talk to her – she may think I'm avoiding her. She wanted to be sure I knew that a.) some friends of the sister-in-law who live in another state will be here over the 4th of July to visit while sister-in-law and family are here and b.) she by no means wants us to feel obligated to spend time with any of them. Let's just say, she says that now, but what will she be like then? Her track record isn't so good. Then again, I'm wondering if she's not actually saying "stay away from us 'cause only the cool people will be at our house and you aren't invited". I think too much.
  • I have to find a dress for the rehearsal dinner. I'm not a dress person. This disturbs me more than you'll ever know.
  • I fessed up to Hubs while we were camping that I've been contemplating a tattoo. Something small and tasteful, designed by younger daughter that would hopefully encorporate my childrens' initials. He was actually okay with it. Of course, no one liked when I said I was doing it so they could identify my dead body more easily. What can I say? I have a morbid sense of humor…

Happy Monday~ I may be a bit slow catching up with all of you due to the i-net thing, but promise I will get there eventually!