Unofficially – A Lifetime

27 years ago today I "officially" forged a bond with the love of my life. We'd met almost a year before that when I was climbing out of a slippery slope of a marriage to a man I thought was going to be the one-and-only. I think when you have those dreams it is hard to admit to yourself that sometimes forever just isn't. I was struggling with the end of a marriage, unsupportive parents, non-existant friends, a lousy self-esteem, no marketable job skills, and two children under the age of 4.

When we met it wasn't easy. A chance encounter at a party I wasn't even supposed to be at… and an introduction to this man who was the brother of a man my girlfriend was dating. I wasn't thrilled with the guy she was dating, so hadn't held my breath waiting to meet his brother. I'd made up my mind there would be no more men in my near future, and no more marriages in any future. When fate decides to laugh at you, it makes it loud and long.

A month after meeting this guy I was hooked. Fearing I was doing some kind of rebounding, I was cautious and when he asked me to move in with him along with my children, I held off bringing the children into the mix. I've talked about what drama that created, and suffice it to say this guy was my rock through it all. It wasn't too many months later we were all together as a family… although an unofficial one. Plans were being made to change that status.

27 years ago at 4 o'clock on a warm July afternoon, I married the love of my life. We've had our ups and downs, our joys and our heartaches. We've raised the two children we started with, plus added a couple more along the way. We've laughed and cried and screamed and punched walls and giggled until our stomaches hurt, just like little kids. We've shed tears of grief and tears of pride and tears of joy and tears of pain. We've held hands. A lot. We've said "I love you". A lot. We've looked into each others' eyes and said "We're lucky… we found each other". A lot.

Today may be the "official" anniversary of the day we wed… but "unofficially"… if feels as though I've known this person my whole life. Happy Anniversary, honey… I love you.