Ewwww… (A Poll)

I was reading a blog the other day when it brought back some … uh… unpleasant memories. I have a couple of questions for you. Feel free to answer anonymously if you wish, this is just a fact-finding mission.

1.) Do you pick your nose?

2.) If so, what do you do with the "product"?

3.) Has this behavior changed since childhood? If so, how?

4.) What is the grossest thing you have ever seen? (In REAL LIFE, people… not a movie or a picture, but something you have witnessed up close and personal.)

Why I ask:

Several years ago my eldest daughter was going through a divorce and she and her small son needed a new place to live. A very small farm house near us came up for rent and we knew the landlords. Because the previous tenants (PT) had left rather suddenly, there was quite a bit of mess to clean up and the house had some much-needed renovations before it was livable. At that time I wasn't working off the farm and my daughter was working full time, so I offered to help with the house – and the landlord agreed to pay for supplies as long as we furnished the labor. I was happy to do it to make my daughter's life a bit better. It really was a cute house. Just bad tenants.

I'm not sure I have ever been exposed to the conditions that some people are willing to live in. The house had a bad mice problem that the PT had evidently done nothing about. The first day in the house we found a dead mouse floating in the toilet. I think mice are a bit smarter than that, so have to assume the PT left it there as a house warming gift after they were evicted asked to leave. Needless to say, exterminators were called immediately.

Further joy was spread when my daughter and her male friend from work (who much later became her husband) were doing some cleaning one night after work and discovered PT had left a used condom in the bedroom. My daughter was mortified. To his credit, my now son-in-law stayed very cool about it all. I mean, really… was that necessary to leave behind? It wasn't even in an obscure place – we just hadn't gotten to that room yet.

The biggest shock of all was the condition of the second, smaller bedroom. The PT had two children – not real little, but by no means teenagers. However, they must have had some terrible physical ailment that made snot fly out of their noses at the speed of light, clinging to every surface of the room before it could be stopped by a tissue, a toy or possibly a hand. Oh… you mean you think they PUT that snot there? On the walls? On ALL the walls? I have to admit I vomited a bit. In my mouth. I spent days with a paint scraper and rough sand paper cleaning rock-hard snot off the walls so they could be disinfected, painted with Kilz, and finally given fresh coats of paint. Yes, we replaced carpeting, too. Don't ask.

I admit, I let the house get a bit untidy at times. I may walk in the house after work and realize I didn't get the garbage outside quick enough, but to paint my walls with snot? Ugh. I just don't get it.