Lesson Learned #1075

You never stop learning. I heard that somewhere and it really is true. I've heard learning keeps your brain sharp and wards off evils like Alzheimers' and good old fashioned brain farts. In that case, I'm going to be really sharp for a very long time.

Today's lesson is this. When you go a few days without taking your medication and you start taking said medication again you are once more reminded of the lovely side effects the medication can have when you haven't taken it for awhile. You know… the cramps, the diarrhea, the general unease within your body. Lesson #1075 – don't stop taking the medication. Or, if you do stop, don't start again. Ever.

Thank you. You may go back to whatever you were doing.

Panic Attack vol.127

Do you ever do something stupid when messing with your blog and the whole thing disappears? Completely? Gone?  Do you panic? Do you start wondering how you'll ever remember all those lovely people you had on your sidebar and where they can be found? Do you wonder what will happen to all those comments you just got done begging for? Shamelessly? What about those words… all those words. Some mundane, but some rather precious. Um…okay…yeah…me neither.

Thursday… Crap. Nothing Rhymes with Thursday.

Because I feel the need to post and really have nothing to post about, I bring to you Thursday… whatever. Don't you hate that when you don't have a cutesy name to go with your post? Oh… maybe that's just me. If you are bored by people who blog mundane, uninteresting things… then you may just want to move along. Today? I got nothin'.

  • A big thank you goes out to all of you who got me over the 30-mark on my Blogiversary post! Feel free if you haven't posted yet or are just now de-lurking to go on back and tack on your two-cents worth. Maybe we could set the bar even higher… like 40 or 50? I mean, gee… I DO come see all of YOU…you know, over THERE —–>  Reciprocating is nice.
  • In case you hadn't noticed, I added a 'Book Pages' page to my blog. I just started it mid-July, but you can tell I read a little bit. I don't think I could ever list all the books I've read, own, or have owned. It is pretty extensive, to say the least. Hubs teases me that the library is going to run out of books for me to read. I remind him that is why I have to buy them occasionally!
  • Last night was the first real inkling that Fall is just around the corner. It got into the 50's overnight. It was almost cold when I let the pups out this morning. I like it. Really. Fall brings a lot of work – between the farm and my 'town' job – but it still is one of my favorite seasons. When it starts to get crisp and the leaves turn and the crops dry down… the smell of burning leaves and people starting to have fires in the fireplaces and the smell you get from the combined fields. I just love it. Second only to winter with three feet of snow and a fire in the fireplace and no where to go.
  • This coming week is the big wrap-up to race season. Saturday night is the last night at the regular track, then all week next week is what is known as the Supernationals. People come from many states – and even from Australia – and race all next week to qualify for a big final race at weeks' end. Youngest son is going to race this year. Keep your fingers crossed! A couple of years ago he qualified to be on the pole for the big race in a different car class. Will be interesting to see how he does in this class. Hubs is planning on taking the RV over to the track and possibly staying a night or two. It is close enough to home I think I may just pass, but we'll see. Never say never, right?

Warned you I got nothin' today. Don't you hate when that happens?

Full Moon Madness

Yeah, I know. There have been some full moons since the last time I posted about it but sometimes the moon is such an intrusion that I have to mention what it has been up to now.

The dreams, they are upon us. I dream almost every night. I dream in black and white, but I also dream in color. (I've been told that is unusual.) Most dreams I remember, at least for a minute or two upon awakening, but unless I jot them down right away or they are very disturbing, they generally float away quickly out of the mind. Most times I know why I've dreamed what I have and can relate it directly to something I'm worrying about or thinking a lot about. Occasionally the dream can be brought right into the present by external input. You've all heard of this. Where you dream your alarm clock is going off, but in reality it is the phone or doorbell ringing… or the television you've left on has some noise that incorporates into your dream.

This happened to me last night, but in a little different way. I had an itch. (No, not THAT kind of an itch… geez, people, get your mind out of the gutter.) At some point in the past couple of days the mosquitoes have decided to launch a super-secret stealth attack on moi. I keep having bites, without ever actually witnessing the attack or swatting the offender. I'm pretty sure it is happening in the pre-dawn puppy-letting-out moments when I am not yet awake, but am evidently carrying enough bed-laden body warmth with me to the cool morning air to spark the breakfast gong in the female mosquito. (Did you know only the female bites? I'm just chock-full of random crap like that.) At any rate, sometime in the past couple of days I've had what I suspect is a mosquito bite right on my shoulder blade. You know, one of those places you can't get to unless you are some contortionist? Me? I can't even cross my legs "indian" style – or should that be politically correctly stated "yoga-style"? Dunno. I just know I'm not nor have ever been a flexible person. Period.

So. This is okay as long as either Hubs is handy to do the scratching, or I have something long enough to reach. Which at this exact moment in time, I don't. It is in just the perfect spot to be too far down to reach it with my little scratchy-stick from the top, and too far up to reach from the bottom with the scratchy stick, because of course, naturally, it is on the side that I have the tendentitis in the shoulder and am even less flexible than ever.

And it itches. Really. Itches. This is part of my history with bug bites. They itch and swell to some huge proportions when I get them, then at random times days later they will start itching again. Like crazy. Usually at night. When I'm trying to get to sleep. What's with that? And no, no creams or ointments (even perscription strength) seem to make a spot of difference. I've done the ice, the fingernail polish, you-name-it. Ugh.

So, last night I get Hubs to scratch it before I go to bed. Fine. All happy now. Then? During the night? It starts to itch. Maddingly. However, I don't wake up all the way… instead? I start to dream about the itch. I dream I am on a deserted island in the middle of nowhwere with five people I don't even know (no, I'm pretty sure it wasn't any of you.) and it itches. I'm trying to get someone, anyone, to scratch it for me… and no one will. They just look at me. I'm picking up sticks out of the fire to scratch, but they won't reach or they won't bend just right, or whatever… but nothing is working. I mean, geez… how crazy is this? I'm dreaming about a friggin' ITCH.

In case you're wondering, first thing I did when I woke up this morning was get Hubs to scratch my back. Yeah… what would I do without him? So, have you had any weird dreams lately? Do your dreams usually incorporate things happening in the real world?

(Thanks to all of you who stopped by to wish me happy blogiversary, too! I really do appreciate it!)

Flying, Really

I know the older we get we always say time is flying, but it is… really. I hit the mid-century mark a few months ago and although I feel nothing like the age it says I am on my driver's license, my body keeps pulling stunts to remind me that, yes, I really am. I've still never seen all 50 states – hell, I've barely gotten out of Iowa! You know, I kinda like it in Iowa, though… to be honest, I kinda like it at home. I've been with my sweet husband for going on 29 years. I have children who are taller than I am (and I'm tall). My not-so-new-car Skippy has 10,000 miles and is due for another oil change. (Remember the last one? I'm scared to even think I get to do this again so soon!) The crops are starting to dry down heralding the fall harvest is right around the corner and when I went to my parents on Sunday I even saw a maple tree that had turned red! Already!

This month marks the seventh year in my current job. A job I've had longer than any other job. I still like it, which I think counts for a lot. They like me, which I think counts for more.

Finally? It is my blogoversary. Yup. Really. Three years ago I started this fumbling attempt at getting my thoughts down in the world. When I look back through the archives I find myself groaning at a few (maybe more than a few)… laughing at a couple… crying at times… and realizing that it is all out there in the blogosphere for anyone with access to a computer and an internet connection to read. It has been a journey. A few of you have been with me since the beginning, and I'm finding some new friends along the way… glad to say I've not lost too many that have dropped out of the blogosphere. If you've been with me any time at all you know I'm anti-social (no, Deb says it's avoidance) and this blogland seems to be my big social experiment. The one and only social experiment. Still? If you are here and I haven't realized you've been here? I'd love for you to give me the gift of de-lurking, if only for this one time. I'd love to see my comment count get over 30… if for nothing else… because it never has! See? I'm vain like that.

Would you want me any other way?

Hometown *Updated*

I can't remember if I've actually blogged about this before or just put an extra long comment on someone else's blog. If I did it to you, I'm sorry. I can get a little long-winded sometimes. (Shaddup.)

I'm an Iowan. I was born here, albeit several miles to the south. After my birthparents married and moved to the big city of Des Moines, in the center of the state I lived there for a couple of shortened years before my birthmother got sick with polio and ended up being put in the hospital. Eventually, she was transferred to the University Hospitals in the eastern part of the state and I was shipped to the northwest area to live with my paternal grandparents. Two years down the road my mother had died, my dad had remarried, and we were once again in Des Moines. After a year my family moved to an itty bitty town in central Iowa. About as rural as you can get and still be in a town. We didn't live there very long, about a year, but my dad changed jobs and we moved to a small college town not far from Des Moines. I loved it there. It was the true "small town" experience. He tried to be in business for himself, working out of our house, and it didn't work out so finally we moved back to Des Moines and he resumed working for his old company.

What all this rambling is telling you is we moved a lot… but my parents always had their base in Des Moines and had friends that lived there and that they reconnected with every time they moved. Even after retiring and moving to Arkansas, when they had their fire and their home was destroyed they came back to Des Moines and the same friends were there, waiting with open arms. That was their hometown. Me? I just went from place to place and never really bonded with anyone… feeling like the new kid in class pretty much each and every year. I didn't develop those strong friendships most kids have when they go to school with someone for a long time and share the teachers and the inside jokes. I stayed in the back of the class and watched, the outsider.

This is my husbands' hometown. He has lived in this area his whole life, except the years he was in the service. He has friends he has had since he was a kid. Our kids went to school with some of the same teachers my husband had! Although this is a college town in many ways it is still small town and you can barely turn around without someone knowing you… or of you… and it became my kids' hometown, too. The place they grew from a very small age or were actually born here. They, too, have friends they've known forever and attachments that will last.

This all brings me back (in a quite round-about way) to the reason for this post. I have said before that I read all the time. I have this strange thing I do that when I see an author mention, oh, say, Iowa… or some city in Iowa in their books… I freak! My heart beats faster and I actually have to check out the author again to see if they are from around here. What is the Iowa connection?  You can imagine how I felt when watching "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" or "Field of Dreams"! Trust me, it is amazing just how many times Iowa gets mentioned! Usually it's the sweet young innocent thing that turns into a stripper or gets killed or something equally icky.  Or… it's the dumb salesman who just got off the bus and loses his wedding ring to said stripper at the Vegas casino he just happened to stumble into… yeaaaah… whatever. Iowa is portrayed at being in the middle of nowhere. Okay, I'll give you that. It is. But it is the way we like it!

So I get perhaps even more excited to find out some of YOU have Iowa connections. I won't name names, just because I'm not wanting to 'out' anyone who hasn't given all that much personal info to the world yet, but I just met a guy the other day online that I chatted with for quite awhile and realized he not only was from Iowa, but I knew right where… and I may have actually SEEN him back when he lived here! He and his wife, both are from here… and got married not more than 5 miles from my house! Freaky, I tell ya.  He ran for the hills of the great Northwest… but another Iowan only got as far as Missouri before she stopped. Then there is the one who grew up in Iowa that actually lives clear across the globe! I mean, talk about gettin' out of town!

So, is it weird for me to think this is a cool thing? Do you get excited when you read something unexpected about your state… even just in passing? Do you get intrigued when someone is from your area and wonder what their life experiences were there…and why they left? If you were the one who left, do you ever go 'home'?

I'm curious. Where are you from – what you consider your "hometown"? (Feel free to comment anonymously if you want… I think my comments accept that.)

*Update* Michael put the following in the comments and I originally was going to add all these, but didn't want the post to get toooo long. At any rate, they are some more "Iowa" connections. "And there's plenty of other movies;the Straight Story with Sissy spacek, The Indian runner with David morse, Harvest of Fire/ Lolita Davidovich, A Thousand Heroes/ Charleton Heston,Country/ Jessica Lange, The Bridges of Madison County, Michelle Bense,
Starman fell in Cedar Rapids, Terms of Endearment,Noises Off, Pennies From Heaven, Twister, Michael,Miles From Home, Fist, Children of the Corn, Puppet Masters,Take This Job and Shove IT, Mommy, the TV series Coach, all involveIowa in one way or another, I think Radar mentioned he was from Iowa
in MASH. Calamity Jane is from fictional Grandville, Iowa. There are books like The Second Nevraska Cavalry that is about the Sioux massacres on the 1862 plains, Morning Ran Red is about the axe murders in Villisca, Iowa. There are a host of famouse people from Iowa as well; Tom Arnold, Johnny Carson, Harriet Nelson, Cloris Leachman, Nick Nolte, Donna Reed, even John Wayne, and Jerry Mathers as the Beaver…Laura Ingalls, John Deere, Harry Reasoner, Anne Landers, Glenn Miller, C.W. McCall, Andy Williams, Maimie eisenhower, Wyett Earp, Tom Thumb, Buffalo Bill, Herbert Hoover, Henry Wallace, James Van Allen, George Washington Carver and Norman Borlaug."

Shhhh (a rant)

Don't get me wrong. I like music. I really do. Most all music I find pleasurable. To a point. Sometimes? Sometimes you just want a little quiet. Sometimes you have a gut-wrenching-eyeball-projecting-brain-splitting headache and you really don't want to hear about the guy who lost the house, job, truck, wife, gun and dog… in that piercing screechy twangy way.

I regret the day my office mate moved his bookcase-sized stereo into our space. Turns it on. Then walks out. He is rarely IN this space, yet he deems me worthy to share his choices.

Earphones for me are not an option (I have to answer the phone).

My head hurts. Kill me now.

“Pay It Forward”

Lisa did this to me!
Here's the deal. The first 3 commenters to this post asking to participate will, in the next year, receive a fun crafty item hand-made by yours truly. In return, you must post on your blog and in the next year send the first 3 people to request something in return. A year is a long time to figure out and make something to send… just don't let it be so long that it gets forgotten! I've mostly seen the rules to be send something hand-made, but if you are not the crafty sort, make up your own rules… I'd say just make sure whatever you send is something fun that you yourself would love to receive! If not crafty, perhaps something unique to the area where you live?

So, who would like to participate? If you do, let me know some of your preferences… if you've seen something I've made (which would be a stretch, seeing as I've barely posted anything I've made!)  that you especially love or know you'd never use or if you have certain colors you love or hate?