Weekend Update – Tuesday Version

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I have been rather out of touch over the weekend, but here are a few impressions.

  • Fall is here. In my blog (thanks for all the help, Brad), but not in the weather. It is hot again.
  • We're only about two weeks away from starting harvest. It is coming soon!
  • I went to my son's races Saturday night. It was the year end race. He came in third overall for track points for the year. Blog fodder was in full form. More will be coming about that.
  • I got up every single day this weekend and showered and put on makeup and fixed my hair and put on regular clothing. (Trust me, this IS a big thing.)
  • I am feeling better. Thanks everyone.
  • Deb is recipient number 3 of the Pay It Forward post. You can all stop clamoring for a spot now.
  • Spent a lot of time with youngest daughter this weekend. Reminded me again how much I like spending time with my kids.
  • The neighbors must have been out of town. They were pretty quiet… not a shot heard! Whoot!
  • We had some friends have babies and I'd crocheted them blankets. Hubs delivered one to the husband and he took it and was all, "hey, thanks"… then Hubs saw him a few days later and he said his wife had gone nuts over it, especially since it was the one home made gift they got. Hubs said, "guys just don't get it, but the women do"…  I was just glad they liked it. Guess that's why I do it.
  • I didn't want to get up this morning.

Have a good Monday Tuesday, everyone!