Interview #2

Once again I got sucked in volunteered to be interviewed. This time by KimmyK. Here goes!

1-Tomorrow your memory is wiped clean.  You are only allowed to take one memory with you into your new day-what memory are you keeping safe. Only one, huh? Yikes. It would have to be a memory of a family dinner with all my kids and their significant others sitting around the table wise-cracking and laughing and carrying on with all the critters hovering for dropped tidbits. It would be one of the only times when all my favorite people and critters are all in the same place at the same time and are enjoying each other. I'm so lucky to have those times.

2-You claim to have ESP.  Tell us an experience in which you did or didn't listen to your inner voice and you wish you would have. When I knew my current husband was "the one" despite all my practical arguments to the contrary. I'm really glad I listened.

3-You've been blogging for over three years.  How have you changed since writing that first post to your most current? I have gotten braver in what I'll say and how much of my true self I'll reveal. I'm not so afraid to be opinionated.

4-Do you believe in Heaven? If so, describe your Heaven. I have to. It has been one of my sustaining things throughout my life that someday I'll 'see' my mother again (she died when I was three) as well as other people I have loved and lost. I also would hope to see my sweet critters that have gone before. I would hope that the people I've had disagreements with or strained relationships with would be if not pleasant, at least tolerable to be around. A place of joy. Where pain and hurt no longer were a part of anyone's life.

5-You get to spend a day with someone from your past.  This person can be alive or passed on.  Who are you spending your day with and what are you going to do?  I want to spend the day with my paternal grandmother. She and my grandfather took me in when my mother got ill (and eventually passed) and kept me for a couple of years until my father remarried. She's been dead since I was in my teens. I always felt close to her as a surrogate mother – closer than I do to the woman my father married, even though after I didn't live with them any longer I only had a few visits in the summertimes. What would I want to do? Just talk. She was a mom of four, two boys and two girls, just like I am. I would like to ask her things about her life and her feelings and just get to know her as a person better. I thought she was taken too soon.

There you have it! If you are a glutton for punishment want to participate, let me know and I'll try to come up with some profound things to ask you!