Interviews! *Updated Again*

Go check out these wonderful answers to the questions these people were brave enough to request! Everyone has answered so far except Heather and she's probably having too much fun at the bottom of the ocean, so we'll give her a pass (for now).

Nat – From Nat's Brain

Olivia – Olivia Kroth Blog

Carrie (aka Emma Liar) – Trivial Lies

Michael – Recipes for Life Gossip 

Thanks everyone for playing!

*Update* I think I've got the links fixed. Sorry, folks…. I AM human. *gasp*  Everyone should be able to see Olivia's English blog now, and Michael really DOES exist. Honest. In case you missed it in the comments, Heather says she's working on it… I'll keep checking on her progress. 😉  Oh, and I've had another taker! Will let you know when I have more linky goodness for you.

Lydia has answered questions from Olivia – go on over and check 'em out.

Heather has finished her questions, too!  Go see… what are you waiting for? I said GO… geez…

Katie found my questions on Heather's blog and answered them, so it is only fair I send you to read her answers too!