A Peek Inside My Bedroom*

I'm generally snuggled into a comfy recliner downstairs or the bed watching a different television program than Hubs. He and I rarely watch the same programs unless it is a movie we both want to see. Having said that, he generally comes in to bed anywhere from 8:30 until 10:00 and is asleep shortly as I continue to watch my program (which, if it is British, will have him snoring in record time!) or I'm reading. Last night he came in about 8:30 as I was in the middle of a two-hour round of "Top Chef". (Why I have gotten hooked on this program is beyond me, not normally my kind of show. Ironically, the youngest daughter is hooked, too, and we found out by reading each others' blogs!)

Hubs: Oh… this is that cooking show. The one that has that chef-guy you two like. Which one is he?

Me: The bald one.

Hubs: THAT one?

Me: No, that's Howie. Nobody likes Howie. Wait… wait…. there he is!

Hubs: Him? Ewww… 

Me: He's got a good personality and I like his smile.

Hubs: He's a complete opposite of me!

Me: But I love you.

Hubs: …

The repeated hour concludes, now we get to have the new episode.

Hubs: What? Again? Is this a marathon?

Me: No, just another episode. Look at it as a 2-hour movie.

Hubs: Can't we watch "Ice Road Truckers"?

Me: Yes, you can go watch in the other room.

Hubs: …

Me: Or, you can watch it here and I'll go in the other room.

Hubs: …

Nobody moves. A few minutes goes by.

Me: You know what? This is making me hungry… Peanut butter!

Hubs and Me together: On saltines! (We're good like that sometimes.)

I go get the crackers, peanut butter, margerine, paper plates and knives and we proceed to crumb-up the bed.

I know you're jealous. we lead such an exciting life.

*Technically, this is our bedroom, but due to OCS (Only Child Syndrome) I have a unique way of looking at things. I'm just lucky my husband has a good sense of humor.