Game Day!

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I'm not normally a sports fan. For some reason, even though I don't watch sports I like the background mood they give to my day. When I hear a football game playing on television I'm instantly reminded of crisp fall breezes, maybe even a turkey roasting, and cold beer. I don't even drink beer. Huh.

Today is the "Iowa Superbowl". University of Iowa in Iowa City is playing Iowa State University in Ames at Ames. So far, Iowa State has won the majority of the match-ups, but this year could be a disaster. A new coach has gotten ISU to 0-2 compared to Iowa which is 2-0.  Because I live near Ames, worked several years at ISU, and my children have given them more than they should lots of tuition, I have to root for ISU when the two teams come together. (Any other time I will root for both teams against whoever they're playing.) I don't normally even watch the game, just take a wait and see attitude hoping my home team doesn't get creamed too bad. Today I may even watch… I'll keep you informed.

2nd Quarter: ISU is leading by 9! OMG… is this possible?

Half Time: ISU is leading 12 – 0. ZERO. I'm flabbergasted. Should I stop watching now? Will I jinx 'em? Decision, decisions… let's go make popcorn.

3rd Quarter: Reality is setting in. ISU 12 vs. Iowa 10.

Final: WE WON! WE WON! WE WON! ISU 15 vs. Iowa 13. Holy COW!

I think I need a nap.