Drama *Updated*

I'm used to having a bit of drama in my life, 'cause, well, that's just my life. With four kids, their spouses and/or significant others, a grandchild, and too many critters and grand-critters to mention Hubs calls our life the "whack-a-mole" game. I'm sure you've seen this game at some fair or community fun-fest. You get a big mallet and the moles just keep popping their heads out of the holes and your job is to get them all pounded down… and make sure they stay that way. Hubs always says that about the time every "mole" is put in its place and calm has descended, you can be sure another one will pop up.

I'm not used to drama in blogland. I've heard rumors it happens, but until this weekend I hadn't had the fun experience for myself. For those of you living under a rock, this is what happened:

Heather (who I won't link because you wouldn't find admittance anyway) was a relatively new blogger that commented one day on my blog and I followed through to go "meet" her (as I do, you know, 'cause I'm curious and gotta see who is coming to see me!). I found a most exciting blog of a young woman who is a marine biologist on a 23 day journey to find a previously unidentified species of whale. Cool beans, huh? That's what I thought. She did my interview and I followed her site for the past nine days staring open-mouthed at the gorgeousness of her (I asked her if that really was her in the id photo and was told yes!) and the outstanding photos of the sea life, the boat, and the life she was leading.

To make it even more intriguing, was her family, left at home. A husband and three (I believe) children. The kids and her husband and apparent real-life friends have commented on her blog and her husband left a very moving post on his own blog. It is one of those where life is really way more exciting than fiction.

Then enters Thelma. Thelma who? I haven't a clue. I wasn't one of the lucky recipients of Thelmas' comment… but she must have hit every other person who had ever visited Heather's site. Her comment? That Heather was a fraud. She put links to some of Heather's more exciting photos to other sites on the internet and said she'd stolen them from these sites and that she wasn't who she said she was. I saw several people post about this – totally shocked.

In the mean-time, Heather had e-mailed me and told me she was going to take her site private because her friend's photos were being copied from her site and he didn't want them taken as that is how he makes his money. Made sense to me. People go private for lots of reasons and that one made perfect sense as she did have some gorgeous photos there. (Just for the record, I never copied a one.)

Finally I got this email from Heather that addressed the controversy. I know she put a similar comment up on another blog to try and explain what was happening:

"I havent followed any of the links that this woman left, but the pictures will and always will belong to Tim (he works for Discovery) until he sells them and he's allowed to post them whereever he'd like.  No the things being said about me aren't true, and I commented on kimmyk's blog.  I don't have any desire to get into a drama fight though over a blog,"

So. I guess until I have proof that someone is lying to my face, I just take it all with a grain of salt and try and stay out of the fray. I'll hope Heather lets me in to continue to enjoy her journey and if I find out she really is blogging from Nebraska, well, we'll deal with that if and when it happens. Until then, I'm going to just go with it… like I go with all of you. Okay? Play nice now.

*Update* So, I guess I've made an enemy. Not what I intended, that's for sure… but I guess we can't always predict how our words will be taken. Heather has left a comment that pretty well puts it all out there and now is, for all intents and purposes, closing the door.  I wish this hadn't happened. I wish, truly, that Thelma, whoever she is, would have just kept her nose out of it. She took a good thing and trashed it big-time for all of us who were enjoying getting to know Heather and her journey. Crap. Now I just feel bad.