Jan had an interesting post the other day about coincidence. I was going to tell her all about one of my experiences, but decided it could get long and I'd just do it here and open it up to you all at the same time. I always love it when I can get post ideas from my friends!

I, like Jan, have the phone call coincidences. Frequently. Usually with my husband. The ones where you either are going to call and pick up the phone to find it is already connected to that person, or it rings just as you pick it up. Or, it rings and you just know who it is, even if you haven't talked to that person for a long time. My daughter has the knack, too. I've talked before about how she even finished a dream her husband was having one night. Talk about some spooky shit. I think it bothered him. A lot. Lately I've been having some strange things going on with Rick Leonard. I will find myself commenting on his blog and see a comment pop up on my e-mail from him… commenting on MY blog! I keep accusing him of having some spy alarm on his site that flags him when I appear. Comments on his site do take a long time to load…hmmm… perhaps to give him time to jump over and comment on mine?

One of the strangest things I ever had happen like this was when I was a kid. We lived in a small town and my parents had made best friends with the neighbors. They had a couple of girls, one a year younger than I was and one a couple years older. One summer we decided to go to Kentucky on vacation. My dad worked for a company that always had these seminars to go to and usually my mom and I would go along and while Dad was working we'd be camping out and vacationing. This time we were heading home and decided to stop at a KOA campground, something we rarely did. Normally we would camp in the state parks. It was a special treat because KOA had nice facilities.

We hadn't been there very long when my dad decided he needed to go use the restroom. Mom and I were setting up camp and as time passed we realized it had been a really, really long time since dad had left. She was getting worried and thinking about heading over to that way to see if she could find him. About that time here comes my dad walking along with a funny grin on his face. "You'll never guess what I found at the restroom!" he exclaimed. Of course, we had no idea.

Come to find out, he'd gone in and standing there was our neighbor! They didn't know we had headed to Kentucky, but they decided to head south for a vacation (I can't remember where they were going, but not Kentucky) and here they were headed south and we were headed north and neither of us knew the other was in the area and we ended up in the very same campground. It gets weirder. This was a big campground and they were clear on the other side of the campground and had been there since early in the day. What were the odds that he and my dad would both decide to use the restroom at the same time? I mean, it was freaky.

Okay, that's my tale of coincidence. Talk amongst yourselves.