Dear Mickey-D Employee

When my son went through your drive-thru to get my lunch and said, "Iced tea"… and you said, "Hi-C or Iced Tea?" …and he said "Iced Tea"… what part of that conversation said "Iced COFFEE" to you?

I wish you were here to feel my pain.*

 * I have never liked coffee. I knew this when I was 10 and my mother forgot to pack cocoa and suggested I try coffee to warm me one morning while camping in the mountains of Colorado. I knew this when I was twenty and tried it doctored every which way possible to see if it as just 'black' that I didn't care for. I painfully refreshed my memory yesterday as my brain tried to match what I was tasting with anything resembling iced tea. One sip and I was wishing I had ANYTHING to take the taste away. Compulsive tongue cleaning ensued.

Ironically I love the smell… unless it is coming from my own mouth. **shivers**