Cranky Pants

I admit it. I'm cranky. Okay? OKAY? Things I'm cranky about at the moment include:

  • Frown Missing out on daughter-in-law-to-be's dinner for her birthday last night because I have a 300 lb. ball of snot lodged somewhere between my nose and my lungs. I'm actually convinced there are two of them and they are swapping places during the night due to the amount of horking and coughing I am doing. With luck, I will be recovered enough to go to the bar on Friday night to celebrate on her actual birthday. Perhaps a good stiff drink (or ten) is what would kick this colds' ass.
  • Frown Top Chef. *spoiler alert* If you didn't watch it and want to be surprised, skip this section. Otherwise, Fucking Hung won. I hate that little man. He is so arrogant and slimy. Arrggghhhh! That's all I'm sayin' about that one.
  • Frown To the young chicks in the car in front of me on the highway this morning – pick a lane. Any lane. There are two. You don't have to keep weaving back and forth between the two. It was early. Are you still drunk from the night before? Are you perhaps attempting to text while driving? Are you just bobbing and weaving to the music and taking the car along with you? Do you have a death wish? Keep it up. You'll get it. Bitches.
  • Frown A new busy season has started again at work and the people I have to deal with on a daily basis are making the same stupid mistakes they always make at this time of year. Always. You'd think after working with me for several years they'd get the hang of it. I try to make it simple enough for a third-grader. C'mon. This isn't brain surgery, people.
  • Frown Maroon 5. I am hooked on their new song, "Wake Up Call". It is stuck in my brain (along with the 300 lb snot ball) and goes 'round and 'round as I try to sleep. (Is it only me who finds it interesting that the censors will cut out words like "drug dealer" and "pills" on Nickleback's song "Rockstar", yet allow a song that discusses shooting someone in cold blood?)
  • Frown I watched the movie "Zodiac" yesterday when I went home early to sleep off some of this sickness. It was pretty much how I expected and all was well and fine until it got to the end. The end where they put six screens up showing, I think, what happened after the point where the movie ended. I say "I think" because I couldn't friggin' read any of it. WTF? Weren't they thinking that some day people would actually be watching this on their television screens? Were they so stupid as to think, "Hey! This is just perfect to read when it is blown on a movie screen 400x bigger than it will ever be seen again." So, I watched the entired thing, then squinted at the screen trying to figure out what the rest of it said. I give up. If anyone knows what the six screens said, drop me a line. It would be nice to know what I missed.
  • Yell I don't think bullets show up on this template. If I'm wrong, I've just put in extras. Bite me.

Aren't you glad you stopped by today?