Dear Facebook Friends

I never was good a saying goodbye. It's been a fun experience, but one that just isn't fullfilling my expectations as I'd hoped. It's not you… it's me. I had high hopes of meeting up with old classmates and finding new and exciting friends, but really? It didn't happen. I wasn't thinking. I had no old classmates that would want to meet up with me. I was so reserved in school that I only had three or four friends and I don't think any of them ended up with the mad computer skilz yours truly did. (I hear you laughing, Brad…) If I'm wrong and you've been lurking, old friends, then I'm sorry if I offended you. But seriously? Not so much.

I wasn't looking for a job … or a man (Hi Hubs~~) …and have found the only people who I'm connecting with are the people who I've met through blogland. On top of that, I don't need to waste any of my already precious time playing that stupidly addictive "TV-Trivia game" (thankyouverymuch Hilly). I ignore the 'book for days at a time until someone "pokes" me or gets me hooked on a game (yeah, Hilly… I WILL get even) and I have enough on my plate with my life (yes, I have one) and keeping up with this blog universe.

So, it is with a sad wave that I am taking myself off of Facebook. Once again my daughter can unblock herself from my prying eyes… (I never did see what that guy looked like 'hint') … and I will surrender my 20-something-year-old picture back to obscurity.

It's been fun and I hope we can still be friends. It really is me… not you.