Because I’m Funny That Way* **Updated**

The blogsphere is a wild and wonderful thing. I've found it to be mostly positive and have found some terrific friends on this journey. I don't try to irritate people or anger them and if I have something to rant about I generally do it here, in my own space.  I don't tell people what to write, or how to write, and if I see someone that I decide isn't like-minded or that I don't care for their point of view I will simply stop going to their site. There are certainly enough other places to go to.

I am always thrilled to find a new friend and to have someone find me. I enjoy the prospect of getting to know them through their blog and through other forms of communication. I try to have fun, but also be respectful of a persons' beliefs, if they are different from my own.

It doesn't hurt my feelings to be taken off someone's blogroll if they decide I am not their cup of tea… as I would expect others not to be hurt if I took them off. I may not visit them any longer, or they have gone into a realm that I feel uncomfortable with. Or perhaps we just are not compatible. We all like to be acknowledged and have the validation that comments and links can have, but sometimes it just doesn't work out.

It does get me a little bit bothered when I find out that I not only have been removed from someone's blogroll, but I have been basically erased from their universe. Without provocation – that I'm aware of. Every comment I ever left for this person has been removed! An award that was given to me, although I had not had the time to post it yet, has been recended. The very fact I ever visited this person's site is gone!

With one glaring exception.

I interviewed this person for a meme. I asked them questions that I made up. They were my questions, not a general form that was pulled off of another site. The fact that the interview has been left up on their blog bothers me.  They left up the line that "Sue asked me" but all links back to me have been removed.  The very comment I left in response to this interview post has been removed!

Every part of me is gone except what this person wanted to use to make themselves look good. I guess they liked their responses – and the comments from others. Still, if they are going to erase the rest of me from their site, I really wish they'd  take out the interview, too, because … well, I'm just funny that way. I think if they want to use a piece of me they could at least link to the interview so people who went there would know where it really came from. Maybe I'm being too thin-skinned about this, but considering the circumstances it makes me wonder about my open door policy around here.

*I was told by some well meaning people who I love that I should just "let it go". I tried. Honest. I'm just not made that way. Oh, and no, I'm not linking to that persons' site because I really don't want to start a war I just wanted to get out my frustration and maybe get some feedback from you folks. Have you ever had something like this happen? 

**Update** I sent an email to this person and although I received no email response, the interview has been removed from their blog. I have now officially been erased. I can let it go. Thank you to everyone who offered support. You're all terrific.