Is That a Frog in Your Pocket…

…or are you just happy to see me? Well, that's the way the joke goes.

I've been thinking. (Shaddup.) I realize I do a lot of complaining, ranting and raving around here. I probably come across as rather grumpy and disgruntled. Some days I am, but for the most part I'm a pretty happy person. Like most of you, there are days when I don't feel the need to strangle my husband / critters / kids / co-workers – not necessarily in that order. Days I'm excited to find an unexpected dollar bill in the dryer or realize I mis-calculated and the bank account isn't actually overdrawn,  or have enough extra to slip one of my kids a little something.

Days when my shoulders don't ache or my back isn't locked up and my hands do what I tell them to do. Days when the blood sugar stays where it belongs and I don't crave the brownies. (Who am I kidding? I'll always crave brownies!) Days of PMS are long gone (for which my husband humbly gives thanks and no longer fears the knives). Days when hot flashes stay cool and tempers stay likewise. Days when my eyes don't give out while I'm stitching or reading or driving. Days when the migraines stay away and the jaw doesn't clench. Days when I have days like that and my husband rubs my back, neck and shoulders without even being asked.

Days when I get to talk to my kids and there is no crisis, just lots of laughing or sharing of thought or experiences. When I learn from them – new music, new television, what not to wear (kidding). When they call up to talk to me to get my opinion or advice. When they are having a bad day and I can make it better. Days I pick up my grandson from school and he sees me from across a large classroom and he gets a big smile on his face and yells "Grandma!" and runs to give me a hug.

Days I drive to work and home without a too-close encounter with nature. When the wild life allows me to admire them from afar instead of as a hood ornament. When I can look out my window and see the woodland creatures tripping through the yard and they are not eating my tomatoes, peppers or fifth-time planted impatients.

Days when it is a 102 degree heat index and I am blessed to have air conditioning or when it is twenty below wind chill and I have a furnace, fireplace, electric blanket, 25 lb cat, and a husband to keep me warm… oh, and the heated seats in my car. I want to give an award to the person who invented the heated seat. Mmm mmm good.

Days when the crops are good and the equipment doesn't break and the land rent doesn't increase and the fuel prices are reasonable and the grain prices don't decrease – well, not so much anyway. When the sun comes and the wind stays away and the rain comes when needed then lets up long enough to get the crops planted, later harvested. (You listening, God? Hint hint)

Days when I get kicked out of someone's blog universe only to be embraced by thirty other people who make me laugh and cheer and snicker and ever-so grateful to have found them… or that they found me.

Yeah, I may rant and rave and bitch and moan but when it comes right down to it? I've got the proverbial frog in my pocket. *

So, what about you? Are you a happy person?

* Yes, I know this means I should be male, but obviously I'm not. It is called creative license, people. Use your imaginations.