Parenting Rules #11 and #12*

Al already posted about #11. "If you are too sick to go to school, you are too sick to go out to play." He did a good job of it, so we'll let that one go.

Rule #12 kind of goes along with it. "If school gets called off for bad weather, then you are not going out in the bad weather either." This includes trips to the mall, a friends' or anywhere else that involves a vehicle. I don't care how bored you are.

Why parents make these rules (that kids think are soooo silly at the time, and parents are being sooooo unfair…geez…you'd think we'd never been kids ourselves...) School gets called off. I am at work when I get a phone call from Hubs to tell me some nice people have picked up my eldest son walking along the side of the country road in a blizzard. Huh? Seems that sometime during the day son decided he absolutely must go to "pick up schoolwork" at a friends (yeah, I know, *cough-BULLSHIT-cough*.). He explains that he was going very slowly when he hit some ice and went in the ditch (about a mile from home). A very deep ditch. With a very small car. A small Honda hatchback. The conversation between them went something like:

Hubs: Did you flip the car?

Son: I don't think so… but the top is crunched, the windows are all gone and my stuff is all over the ditch. One minute I was driving with the music going and the next it was very, very quiet with snow blowing in the window.

Hubs: Then you flipped the car.

He was shook up, but okay. The car was totalled.**

*Remember, as any parent will tell you kids don't come with a manual or a book of rules. You have to make them up as you go along. Also, every kid is different, so what applied to one kid may not always apply to another. 

**Ironically, the motor was fine and Hubs pulled it out and put it in another Honda hatchback that our OTHER son wrecked a couple years later. We reluctantly agreed the motor was haunted and let it be trashed.