Real vs. Pretend


I think it was Becky that was saying recently about the things on television not quite jiving with the things in real life and how it was so annoying. (If it wasn't Becky and was actually one of you other people, I apologize. I don't usually take notes while reading your blogs…). Someone brought up how they had to quit watching some programs when the inconsistansies got to be too much. I am one of those weird people who seem to know very little about a lot of things. I realize that crimes don't get solved in an hour, or even in a week, most times. I know if I were a CSI person I couldn't even work in the dim lighting conditions they put some of those shows in… and, I realize I am not nor will ever be a doctor and if I hear doctor-gibberish coming out of an actor or actress on E.R. there is every likelihood that the only word I will ever understand is "stat".

However, this brings me to the picture you see above. (You wondered when I was going to get there, didn't you?) There is a new show on this season called "Life". I'm not entirely convinced I like it yet, but so far am still watching. I don't think I will spoil it for anyone if I talk about an episode that was on a couple of weeks ago. The main character seems to have an affinity for driving fast and rather recklessly through the streets of the city. He likes a fast, good handling car. In this episode he visited some bad guys at a chop-shop and spotted a car he could not take his eyes off of. Later in the episode we see he has in fact gotten the car. (Unless I missed it, he must have purchased it but they didn't exactly show it – however, he is a rich cop after having a large settlement for being falsely imprisioned.)

It shows him zooming through the city streets, loving this car. The car? Is a Buick Grand National – like the picture above. Only the one he's driving is dorked out with a large white racing stripe over the top. Yes, I said dorked out. These cars are black and are meant to be black and are gorgeous cars – in black. They are turbo-charged speed demons that are smooth as butter going down the road. I know for a fact, though, that the sound they make is more of a wwhoooooosh… not vroom vroom. There is no big rumbling coming from under the hood and the mufflers don't sound like they're coming off, as they protrayed on the show. A Grand National is very deceptive because they can kick your ass on the drag strip and you never hear them coming.

How do I know this? Because my husband owns one. Reality.*

*Once again, I must say this is not a picture of his (our?) car. I have pictures of the car, but were not handy while I was writing this piece.