I Know There Is A Post In Here Somewhere…or Maybe Not

I just have no clue where it is. Today you get mind droppings.

  • – If the moon can influence the tides, then certainly I must have an inordinate amount of water on the brain 'cause that damn thing seems to influence my sleep.
  • – I'm very extremely fucking tired. See above.
  • – Next week in honor of Halloween I've got some special events planned. Be sure and come by. The blog. Not my house.
  • -I'm also going to do some traveling. Not in real life, but the blogsphere. I'm guest posting. Watch for details.
  • -If you happened to catch the update on the last post before my husband corrected my mistake, you would have read his car did 11.4 in a half mile. If you know anything about cars you would know that is waaaay too fast. The error was all mine. It was a quarter mile. It is fixed now.
  • -Said car didn't appear on the show "Life" last night. I was disappointed.
  • -I heard "Viva Laughlin" got cancelled. Already. The ten-second glimpse I got of it while surfing channels the other night was at least five seconds too long. They should have cancelled it sooner.
  • -I'm trying to figure out which of the new shows is going to be cancelled so I can stop watching them and investing my time. What shows do you think will be cancelled? Which ones do you have to see?
  • -I've been emotional lately. Seeing as I no longer have the proper female equipment to have monthly issues (sorry, guys, if that was TMI) I'm guessing it is from being tired. Found myself crying as I watched the evening news. I didn't cry when I saw the people looking at their homes being lost in the fires, although I do empathize with them, I cried instead when they showed the animals. When they talked about the horses and other animals just being abandoned or being "set free" to "find their own way to safety"… and having the reporter ask the woman at the animal shelter if that was likely and her just shaking her head and saying, "no". Does that make me a lesser human being because I feel for the dumb animals more than the humans? I wonder.