Parenting Rule #35 – Halloween Version

"Dad gets first choice of must inspect all the candy." This goes hand-in-hand with "Dad must taste-test all ice cream products, including malts and shakes." I think these are pretty self-explanatory. If you don't understand, I can refer you to any of my four (now grown) children who had to live under this harsh taskmaster (hi honey~~~).

To see rules I may have forgotten, check out the Cake Lady's list. She's got a few I forgot… and some I'd love to steal! (Just kidding, Cake)

Totally Unrelated Aside TUA: (concept stolen borrowed from kapgar) I am currently on the pre-dawn to dusk work schedule. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure my head even touched the pillow last night before it was time to wake up again. So, if you don't see me over on your site, don't panic. (Like you would miss me anyway… lol!) I am lucky to even post, let alone have a chance to come visit. Please understand it it's me, not you… I'll make it up to you somehow. Suggestions welcome. Keep it clean.