I've been noticing patterns in blogland. Some of you people are so organized in your posting it puts the rest of us to shame! There are the moms who post letters to their kids. Bloggers who post daily photos of their pets. Creative posters who have a new song lyric every day to enrich their post. I've admired the funny guy who has a cartoon every day as well as a 'bullet Sunday'. Sunday is also a popular day to have a 'snackie'… that is, Snackie Sunday. Last, but no means least, is the guy who has set the bar for organized standards. He posts every weekday with haiku mondays and special topics for friday.

Me? I've thought about trying to give this blog some organization. I really have. Then again, it is called "Torn Pages", not "Neat Notecards". It is as spontaneous as my mood and my life can be… within the restraints of a middle-aged midwestern farm wife can be. I lead a pretty quiet life. Except for that stuff going on in my mind. We won't talk about that now, but if you've been here awhile you've seen it. I can have, to put it politely, mood swings. I'm much better than I used to be, but that's not saying I'm doing good. I have a tendency to just write whatever crosses my mind or tickles a memory…or, yes… pisses me off.

So I guess all this rambling was just to let you know you get what you get around here and the chance that I'm going to get organized like all those lovely people in the first paragraph… well… don't hold your breath.